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6 Storage Suggestions for Living Rooms

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Stylish places to stow your odds and ends are critical in the living room. Whether it's big or small, fancy or casual, the living room is likely the most public and communal space in the house—it's where you entertain guests, so it's important to live a good impression. That means clutter is a no-go. This article mainly introduces the living rooms storage solutions.



1. Concealed Storage Wall

A concealed storage wall is the perfect solution for those who don’t like clutter. An area of open shelving units will prevent cupboards from overpowering a room. The space between the upper and lower sections of the storage cabinet also makes an excellent spot for displaying occasional objects or framed photographs. Make the most of the ceiling height by fitting extra-tall storage cupboards and storing rarely needed items at the top.



2. Shallow Shelves  

Shallow shelves, painted in the same color as the walls appear to recede into the background, are ideal for exhibiting art. “Floating shelves have a contemporary look,” says designer, Emma Sims Hilditch, which creates fitted living room storage. “Lighting concealed in the shelving can add focus, drawing attention to the treasures on display.” Place small items in storage baskets or boxes that will fit on the shelves, which replaces clutter with points of calm on the shelves to give the eye a place to rest.



3. Bookshelves and Cupboards

Customized bookshelves and cupboards neatly fill the space around a chimney breast. This neutral living room scheme has been brought to life by the display of books, while the concealed storage at the lower level is practical.



4. Storage Baskets

Just like storage bins and boxes, these can be a little hard to adjust, no matter how handy they are as storage for the living room, they don’t always look the best and go with your interior design or theme. However, similar to storage boxes, you can hide these away in a corner next to a big indoor plant or behind a couch. Just make sure you choose either the right design to display or the right size to be hidden when you are looking for one.


47-01-hamper basket


5. Rotating Racks

Another creative and chic item to your living room can be a rotating rack. These come in small and large sizes, so you can either put it next to your couch or set them next to your window. You can arrange your plants or CDs in there, but that’s not the limit. They can hold lots of storage and don’t take up a lot of space. You can get them in the color you want and whatever material you want.



6. Living Room Hacks

The easiest way of adding more storage space to your living room is placing hooks. They are so versatile that you can use them in a bunch of places to store tons of things. You can place hooks on your walls, inside your cabinets, and behind your curtains. You can store keys, cleaning equipment, and wires, etc. These are pretty inexpensive too, so you can purchase a bunch of these and put them wherever you want a little corner to store something.

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