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Airbnb House | Select a Clothes Rack with Better Cost Performance for Your House

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There are more and more professional airbnb homeowners, and their competition is becoming more and more fierce. They have to work hard in details to impress tenants. Here are 14 tips for landlords. They are very practical.



1. Make a Personalized Wi-Fi Password Card

Wi-Fi has become standard in every room. Attentive landlords can write the Wi-Fi password card on a card with a sense of design, then put the card in a conspicuous position.



2. Make Sure Tenants Have Room for Their Luggage

The luggage rack is very important. Do not let the tenant leave the luggage on the ground. A metal closet shelving with suitable height can allow the tenant to leaf through the baggage at a right height.



3.Provide Some Local Newspapers, Magazines and Books

If some local newspapers, maps and magazines are prepared in the room, they may be happy to read them.



4. slippers

Prepare more soft and comfortable slippers to let them relax their feet.



5. Essential Guestbook

Some homeowners will make a guestbook, which introduces the snack bars, fruit stalls, supermarkets and telephone kiosks around the house for people to reside. Remember to fill in the password of fingerprint lock, WiFi password and instructions for the use of water heater in the guide book. It is better to take more pictures of the environment around the house and mark the path with arrows.



6. Charger,Unexpected Surprise

For the careless visitors who go out without a charger, if there is a charger on the landlord's desk, they will certainly be greatly appreciated.



7. Bedding Is very Important, Whether Cleaness or Texture

Prepare soft, clean bedding. A good sleep experience will bring more praise.



8. Do Not Omit the Clothes Hanger

Maybe some tourists want to hang up their dresses, and some tourists need to hang up their washed clothes. Prepare some clothes drying hanger so that there are room for their clothes.


There are many kinds of hanging clothes drying rack, and different drying racks also have different storage methods. For the floor type foldable clothes drying rack and the wall-mounted collapsible clothes drying rack, it is only necessary to fold up the clothes drying rack during storage. The best clothes rack can be selected according to the specific situation of the house.



9. If the House Area Is Big Enough, Put a Full-length Mirror

Full length mirrors are better for tenants to take care of themselves. The landlord can provide the tenant with a sense of happiness in these small details.



10. Place Small Items on Small Shelves

Put towels, washing powder, snacks and other items together on the white closet shelving. Do not let them spread around. If it is all right, also put flowers on the shelves. Wood slat closet shelving includes floor type shelf (placed on the ground) and adsorption type shelf (adsorbed on the wall). Organized living shelving can be configured according to actual requirements.


52-3-organized living shelving 

11. Towel Rack

If possible, place a towel rubermaid track shelving to facilitate guests to dry their towels. The towel rack has various styles and colors.



12. Coffee Maker and Alarm Clock

These are the little things that increase happiness.



13. Plants

Plants with unique shapes can be selected and they will be the topic of conversation for guests.



14. Get Notebook and Pen Ready

It will be great if the guests can wirte down the feeling of check in. On the one hand, it can continuously improve the quality of service. On the other hand, it can also facilitate later tenants to leaf through this book, which creates a warm atmosphere.


Good and considerate service can make the guest stay more comfortable and satisfied.


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