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Bathroom Storage Creative Idea

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How to do if the bathroom is small and messy? Several creative storage design can let us make good use of every inch of bathroom space.



1. Built in Closet Cabinets

The so-called built in closet cabinets is to open slot in the wall of the bathroom, then place some small items in it. As long as in the construction, do not damage the load-bearing wall of the toilet. More and more people choose to create a closetmaid wall cabinet on the wall of the bathroom. It will not occupy too much space. The appearance of this kind of embedded design is very decent, and it can greatly improve the practicability and beauty of the bathroom.

45-2-bathroom closet shelving



2. Utility Closet Shelving

There are a variety of utility closet shelving for bathroom use. Plastic or stainless steel shelves can be selected because the service life of these shelves is very long. It will not rust and is not afraid of water stains. Although the shelf is a very small thing, it is very suitable for bathroom utilization. It is also quite convenient to be installed and the price is not expensive. The bathroom closet shelving can be installed near the sink or on the back of the closestool. The height of shelf or the installment of modular closet shelving can be determined according to ones requirements.



3. Mirror Cabinet

The design of the mirror cabinet is very hommization. A variety of items can be stored in the cabinet and it will not affect the normal use of the mirror. At the same time, this design will not occupy too much space in the bathroom.



4. High and Low Table

High and low table can be built according to the actual situation of the bathroom. If the bathroom space is relatively large, then the sink and washing table can be connected together. If the bathroom space is relatively small, then a small high and low table is all right. The table can be used to put some daily necessities. Or extend a countertop from the sink to put something. Some commonly used toiletries, aromatherapy products, complete multipurpose solution, etc. can be put here. It not only can increase storage space, but also is convenient to take articles for use.



5. Slat Closet Shelving

When going to the toilet, what should people do if they are bored? Of course, reading can pass the time quickly. Install a special slat closet shelving in the bathroom to match favorite colors. This design is not only fashionable, but also very functional. The color of laminate is rich, which can be matched according to the wall brick. Its effect is much more beautiful than the shelves.



6. Closet Storage Cabinets

White closet storage cabinets can be designed on the wall. The color is simple and elegant. Although the decoration is simple, the interior is more concise and beautiful.



7. Wall Cabinet

One of the advantages of the enclosed design is that it can protect the objects in the wall hanging closet. Things like toilet paper, tampons, dried towels, etc., all need a dry environment. The bathroom has a lot of moisture all the year round, so it is easy to get damp when the articles are put outside. So the design of hanging closet savers can solve this problem.


8. Wall Coat Hooks on Mirrors and Walls

Although the wall coat hook is small, it has a great effect.



9. Hidden Storage Space around Bathtub


The creativity and practicability of bathroom design should be in line with the trend of the new era, which can bring people a new experience.


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