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Child Room Storage Essential

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When children are young, is there any good way to make father and mother not so hard to clean up after them? How to plan the storage of children's room? Let's take a look at it. The storage system of children's room includes kids closet storage, shoe storage for kids, childrens storage closet shelving, etc.



03-1-kids closet storage

1. Storage Principle


(1) The Storage Cabinet Should Be Not Only Good-looking, But Also Durable

The most important thing about closet savers is durability. When the storage cabinet is selected, if there is a drawer, please try to pull it out and close it several times. Or simply choose a storage cabinet without a door and buy a storage basket to put it in. There are direct sales of the entire set of storage cabinets and baskets, and it is more convenient.


(2) The Baby's Cot Can Be Applied in a Variety of Ways to Create a Large Space

When baby is less than one year old, the bed board of the baby's cot is usually placed at a higher position, so there will be a lot of space between the bed board and under the bed. The diaper inventory purchased at discount can be collected or the baby gifts sent by relatives and friends but still not used can all be saved in this space. Of course, hanging closet system or built in closet system can also be considered to store items.


(3) Clear up Baby Items Regularly

Baby's growth speed is very fast, so the speed of changing clothes and toys before the age of 3 is very fast. Those clothes that can not be wore can be sorted out and packed. If relatives and friends need it, it can be given to them. It can also be reserved for the second child.



2. Children's Storage Space Planning

The three most painful points of children's goods storage include toys, books and examination papers.


(1) Toys

Toys are too many and messy. Children always play and will not tidy toys. To solve this problem, first of all, help them set up three levels of storage tools.


① Unusual Toys

Those that are not commonly used can be stored in closet toy storage, or even sold directly. Generally, toys children like to play with will be no more than 20. On the contrary, too many toys will cause him not to cherish and choose difficultly.


② Common Toys

Commonly used toys need a cabinet that is easy to take and put away, preferably drawer, such as closet drawer unit. And the single drawer should not be too large so that children can see the toys at a glance.


③ A Conveniently Placed Toy Box

Even if parents can not do it all at once, children also need a temporary buffer. Give him a box to put toys conveniently, and then cultivate the habit of sorting out the toys in the box once every other period of time. Only in this way can children clean up their toys by themselves.


(2) Books

Almost every book is different in size for children's books, and they are very thin. It is also difficult to arrange. A long bookcase for adults can not be applied because the bookshelf is too long and there are too many books. The child is too weak to carry and put books in. So two kinds of tools are needed for children’s books.


① Bookshelves That Can Be Placed Conveniently

This is a bit like a newspaper rack. It is not only easy to take, but also can be seen on the cover of every book, suitable for the most frequently read books.


② Small Lattice Bookshelf

Storage compartments can be applied to DIY, such as the wood slat closet shelving, which is installed at a lower level. It is easier to be classified. It is also convenient for children to put in and out by themselves. And it can be increased or adjusted as the child grows up.


(3) Test Paper, Study Supplies

In fact, this is the same truth. It is better to apply a storage compartment with small drawers. For example, the linen shelving on the wall should be low and easy to access. It is better to distinguish colors, be transparent and see what is inside directly. Actually, it is the office supplies shelf on office desk. The principle is to make the finishing as simple as possible.


It is also an important lesson for parents to cultivate children's habit of sorting and storage and keep their home environment clean, tidy and beautiful.

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