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Classroom Storage-How to Make The Classroom Organized?

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Are there any simple and practical tools in the classroom to make classroom storage easier?


Laundry Basket Rack


The purpose of the laundry basket is to store the clothes to be washed. There are various styles of laundry baskets, such as collapsible laundry basket, laundry hamper with lid and rattan laundry basket. It would be better to choose the style of the laundry basket according to the style of the classroom. These shelves for storing sliding laundry baskets can also be assembled quickly and inexpensively.


Clothing Storage Appliances


Generally, wardrobes are purchased in school dormitories for students to put clothes on. But for clothes that need to be placed in the classroom, it is recommended that students buy plastic wardrobe cabinets or double canvas wardrobes by themselves. For children in kindergarten, they dont have to consider buying wardrobes, wall mounted coat racks, clothes drying racks and simple wooden shoe racks.


Storage Box And Storage Basket


Generally, schools will configure a desk with drawers for each student in the classroom, in which books and stationery can be placed. In addition, a special storage table is arranged to make the placement of materials more concentrated. Lego blocks, sandboxes, situational toys, etc. are placed on the desktop, and storage boxes containing other materials are placed below. This table immediately gives your classroom a small treasure trove, and children can also combine multiple corner activities such as construction area and doll house.


Among the materials placed in the corner of the kindergarten, toy sets such as building blocks, daily life materials, natural objects, plush toys, etc. are all relatively large materials that require large-capacity and convenient storage tools. Generally these items are not placed directly in the cube shelf with drawers.


The transparent storage box makes it intuitive to see what materials are in the box, so that children have the desire to play. Sort items into storage boxes according to material, color, shape, function, etc. In addition to the transparent storage box, the open storage basket and wicker laundry hamper are also favored by most teachers.


The storage bucket can be used to hold a set of beach toys, and it is also very convenient to hang it on the wall.


In addition to large-scale materials in the classroom, there will also be many odds and ends, such as various sensory materials, brushes, art materials, linear objects, puzzle toys, etc. The teachers are very troublesome when organizing and storing these materials. Split display boxes and transparent easy-open bags can clearly solve this problem. Buttons, paper clips, small beads, small stones and other low-structure materials are the love of children. Because it is small and trivial, it needs transparent and scientific storage. A storage box should put all the materials in front of the children in different categories, so that everyone can access multiple materials at the same time.


Paper Storage: Shelf + Clip


Some charts, as well as children's beautiful work products, are also used for display and exhibition while storing. At this time, the most suitable storage tool is the combination of shelf + clip. Household minky clothes airer and clothespin can solve the problem. It is really unique to flatten every chart and every work with these little clips.


Mastering the above-mentioned storage tips can make the classroom more organized.

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