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DIY Laundry Room

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Our laundry room has been in use for two years and we think it’s time to renovate it. In the process of use, we felt that the storage space in the laundry room was not enough, so we decided to add some structures with storage functions. After refurbishing the laundry room, our laundry room has changed from clutter to neat, with more storage space. We will share the process of our DIY laundry room.


41-plastic wardrobe cabinet


Preparation before Refurbishment

In order to renovate the laundry room, we first need to clean up the items in the laundry room and remove the electrical appliances. Then we removed the basic shelving units and laundry hanging rack. Although removing the wall shelf units will damage our walls, we can cover them with other furniture behind.



Install Cabinets

Before installing cabinets, we need to select plastic wardrobe cabinet of appropriate size according to our needs. In order to hang the plastic clothes storage cabinet, we first need to mark the position of the stud on the wall, and then measure the distance between the stud and the adjacent wall, and then we mark the position of the screw in the plastic wardrobe storage cabinet according to the measurement result. Next, we install a relatively long wooden board horizontally on the wall, and we need to ensure that this wooden board is completely horizontal, otherwise it will affect the installation of the plastic closet cabinet behind.


Then, we are ready to install the first plastic storage closet. We need to lift it up and place it on the wooden board, and then screw in the studs through the back of the plastic closets. Each cabinet has four screws. Installing the second cabinet is the same procedure as the first one. After the two cabinets are fixed, we need to remove the horizontal boards under the cabinets.



Install Vertical Shiplap

After installing the cabinets, we started to install the vertical shiplap, which is actually a decoration. The shiplap is very simple to install, just place the first piece and make sure it is nailed in horizontally. Just place the next piece next to it and fix it, but remember to leave a certain gap for the skirting below.



Paste Smaller Parts

After tidying up the space above the washing machine and dryer, we glued some small parts to avoid hitting the pipes, vents and wires on the wall. And if you want a colorful wall, you can paste some decorations on the shiplap.



Extra Storage Space

We added a wall mounted shelving units directly above the washing machine and dryer, which can be used to store laundry detergent and increase the storage space of the laundry room. We chose to hide the wires behind the machine so that the laundry room looks more tidy.



We didn't spend a lot of money on renovating the laundry room this time, but the laundry room after the renovation is more beautiful, and the storage space has also increased, and it is more convenient to take and put things in normal times. If you are interested, you can refer to our process to renovate your laundry room.

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