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DIY Your Entrance Space

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The hallway can be functional or decorative. Let's talk about several layout methods about hallway in detail.



1. Make Good Use of Shelf and Shoe Rack, and Use the Whole Wall

Small area of hallway is not suitable for the design of some complex and bulky hallway furniture. Some short wardrobe storage closet or shoe rack with seater can be selected. If the space is not enough, wall coat hooks, utility closet shelving, dressing mirror on the wall or shoe changing stool can be set for storage.



2. Create a Hallway Area with wallpaper

To small area unit type, space division can be realized through material, height, color, etc. This is called soft vestibule. For example, the bright yellow of the door frame and the rainbow carpet under the stylish shoe rack establish the boundary of the hallway visually. The division of hallway area is realized by black and white wall paper.



3. Custom Hallway Cabinet

The bottom drawer of L-type hallway cabinet provides a large storage space, and there is a relatively large degree of freedom on the wall. Some hooks and custom closet shelving can be set to make full use of space. In addition, this kind of integrated closet storage units are set up against the wall, so the storage space is larger.


72-3-shoe storage units 

4. Shoe Cabinet

(1) Finished Shoe Cabinet

The finished shoe cabinet is the most convenient and flexible. It can be bought directly from the furniture market. It is suitable for owners who have little demand for shoe cabinet function and few shoes. Some decorations can be put on the upper part of shoe cabinet, or some commonly used articles can be put. The disadvantage is that if there is a demand, additional auxiliary furniture, such as shoe stool, is needed to be bought.



(2) Embedded Shoe Cabinet

The built in shoe cabinet is directly connected with the ceiling to form a whole shoe storage units. The embedded shoe cabinet not only can put shoes, beautiful and appropriate, but also has more powerful storage space.


(3) Step-like Shoe Cabinet

The biggest advantage of making this kind of entryway shoe cabinet is that there is no need to add a shoe stool, so it is more convenient to change shoes when going in and out. The function partition is more flexible than the previous several separate solid wood shoe cabinet.


5. Partition

Well designed partition not only protects privacy, but also let the space have a sense of hierarchy.



6. Screen

From the aesthetic point of view, screen is the best choice for partition. According to the style of home decoration, different materials of screen can be selected, such as glass screen, iron screen, wooden screen, etc.



7. Sideboard

When the hallway is connected with the restaurant, the partition can be made into a dining cabinet, which is killing two birds with one stone, beautiful and practical. Small house type is very suitable for the combination of hallway and dining cabinet.



8. Mirror

It is a good choice to install a mirror in the hallway. When entering and leaving the entrance, the girls can take a picture of their clothes. And they can also be used as a temporary dressing table.


In short, no matter what kind of settings, we can choose to customize according to our own requirements.


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