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House Feng Shui And Entrance Fengshui

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Feng Shui originated in China. People in many parts of China pay special attention to Feng Shui when decorating their houses. In these areas, Guangdong and Hong Kong are the representatives. However, with cross-cultural exchanges, Fengshui culture has also been accepted by many places abroad.


In the United States, more and more real estate developers and brokers are beginning to pay attention to Feng Shui to ensure that houses have positive energy and attract more buyers. So, what exactly is residential Feng Shui abroad? And what about Feng Shui at the entrance?


House feng shui


1. Adequate light. Mansion Fengshui pays most attention to sunshine and air, so choosing a building to live in requires not only fresh air, but also sufficient sunshine, which is good for people's health and fortune. So if the light in your home is insufficient, you can install a permanent light to increase the light.


2. If the middle of the house is high and the surrounding is low, such a building should be attention. There is no other ones around such a house and it is not easy to make a fortune.


3. The terrain is level. If the house is located on a slope, it is recommended not to choose this house, otherwise the family will fail, the money will be scattered, and the family may even be separated.


The above is a brief introduction about Feng Shui of houses. At present, most of the popular knowledge of Feng Shui in foreign countries is derived from "Zhou Yi"——Chinese traditional classics.


In addition to the above-mentioned basic feng shui views, the entrances inside the house are also very particular.


What is the entrance?


The entrance refers to the outer door of the hall, which is an area of the entrance of the room. The term originated from Japan and specifically refers to a transitional space between indoor and outdoor housing, that is, a buffer space for shoe storage and changing clothes, or going from indoor to outdoor. Some people call it a small room. Although the entry room in the residence is not large, it is used more frequently and is a necessary place to enter and exit the residence.

72-1-stylish shoe rack


What is Entrance Feng Shui?


There are four basic principles in the entrance feng shui, mastering these principles, the entrance will be able to reduce the evil, prevent leakage, and make the family smooth sailing. One of the principles of entrance feng shui is that the design of the entry room should be transparent and the tone should not be too deep. This involves the choice of furniture and wall design at the entrance. Common furniture has shoe cabinets and hanging clothes racks. These furniture should not choose too dark colors, such as black.


The second principle is that the interval between the hallways should not be too high or too low, a moderate interval is best.


The third principle of porch feng shui is that the porch should be kept clean and tidy and should not be stacked with too much debris.


The fourth principle of porch feng shui is that the entrance should be bright and not dark, and better lighting is needed. The brightness of the porch can be improved by installing a permanent light.

82-entry shoe rack


Precautions for entrance feng shui


In entrance feng shui, not all houses are suitable for setting a entrance, and some houses setting a entry room will backfire and reduce the fortune of the home. In a small house, setting up a hallway will cause the room to be more crowded. Fengshui in a small house will affect the luck of the family. The distance between the door and the wall is too small to set up the hallway. This will affect the entry of airflow, which directly affects the fortune of wealth entering the home.


In addition, special attention should be paid to the furniture setting and placement of the entrance. Dark-colored shoe racks cannot be used, which is not conducive to the stability of the entire house. Shoe cabinets need to be placed neatly, otherwise it will bring bad luck to the house.

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