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How to Build Your Apartment Kitchen and Improve Airbnb's Ranking

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In addition to meeting the requirements of the host's life and aesthetics, the design of kitchen should also emphasize the practical function, and achieve the limit of storage function.



1. Create a Bright Apartment Kitchen


(1) White Is the Basic Color

The kitchen space area of small family type is not big, and the location of the kitchen in many types of houses is not very good, which the lighting is not very good, or it is simply a dark room. Therefore, it is very good to choose white as the main color of small family kitchen. White can make the kitchen brighter and more spacious. White based walls and cabinets, with light gray ground, such kitchen space will not be too monotonous, and have enough brightness. Simple is good.


If it is felt that the pure white wall is too monotonous, different tile paving can be selected between the small closets and the wall cabinet to create the effect of a background wall. Or simply change the wall and floor to other colors, and select white cabinet doors. This design is more suitable for bright, spacious kitchen.


Small white bricks on the wall can also be selected, then the door of closet store can create a decorative effect with log color or other bright color system so that the kitchen becomes more beautiful. White antique brick with wooden white door of small closet storage is very elegant.

99-1-cube shelf with drawers


(2) Log Color and Other Mix and Match Colors

Log colored doors of closet storage units can also play such a role. And the collocation of white and log color basically belongs to the versatile style. Or apply this kind of antique brick similar to log color to the wall. The white door of wall closet system can bring more brightness to the kitchen, and it also has a feeling of idyllic style.


No matter how it goes with it, it is certain that white can be recognized as main color for small kitchen. It is all right that other colors can be black, mix and match gray, log color and all kinds of colorful color. As long as the color is not messy, white can play a proper role in neutralization, making the kitchen more bright and spacious. Probably the only drawback is that white is not resistant to dirt.


(3) Lighting

The light is very important. The white door of closet cupboard and the wall and floor tiles cooperate with soft lighting, which is very warm at night.



2. Mini Kitchen

Mini small family kitchen can be made into an open type, with the bar as a partition. This little bar also works as a restaurant. This design is very practical for small units. Open kitchen space is also to ease the depression of small kitchens.


Most small family kitchens are suitable for L-shaped closet system layout. Selection of open and semi open design can also make the kitchen look bigger, but the problem of lampblack should be taken care of. L-shaped storage closet design is the best choice for small kitchen, with short moving line and just good storage space. The console between the sink and the stove can also put down a lot of odds and ends.


There are some passageway type kitchens that choose to do double one layout of I shaped closet system to make use of the space on both sides of the kitchen, leaving space in the middle for convenient access, and such layout of moving line is also relatively short.


The layout scheme of U-shaped closetmaid closet system can be selected for larger kitchens. The space of operation desk will be more and there will be also a lot of storage space, which let the kitchen look cleaner.


In short, a most beautiful kitchen can be created according to the actual situation and with the appropriate design.


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