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How to Clean Cloth Cabinet

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The progress and development of the era of science and technology drives the progress and innovation of many furniture used in our life. At the same time, compared with the wooden wardrobe, the cloth wardrobe closet has a lighter material and a more reasonable price, which is favored by many modern young people. But the portable cloth cabinet is easy to be dirty, how to clean the dirty cloth cabinet has become a difficult problem for many people. This article mainly starts from the classification of the cloth cabinet and shares how to clean the cloth cabinet.



What is a Cloth Cabinet



Portable Cloth cabinet, also known as simple cloth wardrobe, is a kind of cloth furniture for storing clothes. It is a new product of the wardrobe category, and its convenience and practicability are supported by the majority of consumers. At the same time, the cloth cabinet has gradually become one of the furniture commonly used in the family. Among the materials used in the cloth cabinet, the most important thing is what kind of cloth is used as the manufacturing material. Because it will directly affect the practicability and beauty of its use. In general, the common material of cloth cabinet is non-woven fabric, which is more common.



Cleaning method of cloth cabinet



Generally, the dust cloth is used as the cover of the wardrobe, which color is dark and plain. Therefore, the cleaning of simple cloth wardrobe is generally to clean the dust cloth outside. It should be noted that the dust cloth should be completely dried before use, otherwise it will make the clothes in the wardrobe moist.


Simple fabric wardrobe can be repeatedly disassembled and used. There are a lot of assembled hardware accessories. Usually, we should pay attention to whether the hardware fittings are loose and tighten them in time.



Maintenance method of cloth cabinet


1、Always keep the door of cloth clothes cabinet clean, and there should be no sundries and dust in the steel pipe. When cleaning, the cabinet body and door can be wiped with a semi wet cloth, and corrosive cleaning agent should not be used. The dust inside the cabinet can be cleaned with vacuum cleaner or small brush, and the metal parts such as cabinet frame and pull rod are wiped with dry cloth.


2、The heavy objects and sharp tools should be prevented from hitting the steel pipe and scratching the cabinet body. The sealing edge of the cabinet should not touch water and other liquid solvents, so as to avoid falling off of the sealing edge.


3、Let it ventilate more, or use dehumidifier regularly, so as to avoid moisture and bacteria on cloth cabinet and clothes. Use less aromatics that contain chemical ingredients to deodorize the wardrobe, as they are likely to cause damage to clothing.


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