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How to Create a Comfortable Baby Room?

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As a child's private space, many of the children's activities will be in the children's rooms in the future. So when designing children's room, the safety, comfort and environmental protection must be considered. It is possible to consider setting up build in closet for small bedroom, small closet shoe storage, or custom closet system in children's rooms.


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1. Design Principles


(1) Environmental Protection

As for environmental protection, this is an invisible potential hazard. It is mainly from the perspective of material selection. Select simple technology and relatively environmentally friendly materials, and try to place it for ventilation for 3-6 months after decoration. After the new house is decorated and moved in, the home environment should be shown solicitude for and ventilation should be maintained daily. Products such as space purifiers can be purchased to ensure the relative environmental protection of an indoor closed environment.


(2) Security Issues

Children's nature is active, so the first thing is to maintain a smooth moving line so that children have enough space for activities in the decoration of children's room. Second, avoid sharp edges and corners and give priority to smooth soft furniture to prevent children from falling or bumping injury. In addition, children like climbing, so some non customized furniture should be fixed to the wall so as to avoid the furniture from turning over and pressing on the child when climbing. Different considerations should also be given to safety according to different family situations.


(3) Comfort issues

In addition to health and safety, a comfortable children's room space is often the guarantee of children's happy mood and happy growth. There are many possibilities for the design of children's room according to different children’s age, body shape, hobbies, etc. Childrens closet organizer, kids closet system and kids coat rack and so on can be applied to better store objects.



2. How to Create a Comfortable Children's Room


(1) Activity Play Area

Children like to play with toys. In the children's room, arrange a small space for children to play with toys and build blocks. It can be a free space, or a small tent can be arranged for children to get in and play. It is very comfortable and natural.


(2) Comfortable Rug

Many children love to sit on the ground playing, so put up a rug to avoid children sitting directly on the floor in children's playgrounds. If it is felt that the cloth carpet is not well cleaned, foam mats can be selected, which is relatively convenient to be cleaned.


(3) Children's Leisure Tables and Chairs

When children are old enough to play with each other, they often sit on small stools and play. A set of children's leisure tables and chairs can be arranged in the original blank area. Children can ask friends to play at home. It will also be very interesting.


(4) Childish and Lovely Furniture

Some more lovely and childlike modeling designs can be selected in the children's room space. In this way, children's space not only has horizontal and vertical lines, but also is full of children's interesting design. Therefore, in addition to setting up specific spaces for children, such as shoe storage for kids, kids’ portable closets, etc., the selection of designs they are interested in can also be allowed.


(5) Lively and Jumping Color Matching

The color of children's room space does not need to be as simple as other spaces. It can be matched with lively and jumping colors properly according to the colors children like so as to make the space more dynamic and interesting.


(6) Desk for homework

Children will have more homework by the age of school. At this time, it is necessary to arrange a desk in children's room. If there is no pre-made desk, purchase the finished desk and chair to provide a quiet and comfortable learning space for children.


Most families hope that their children's future can be more beautiful, so it is inevitable to consider for children before and during the decoration. It is also necessary to ensure a healthy living environment for children. In order to make the living space beautiful and comfortable, some design can also be added, such as build in closet system, storage closet shelving, etc.

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