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How to Keep the Laundry Room Tidy?

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With the improvement of people's lives, more and more people will set up a private laundry room in their homes. Such a laundry room not only makes our life more convenient, but also makes dry and wet partitions of our house, so that the home looks more beautiful and tidy. However, the storage of the laundry room is also very important. Many inexperienced friends often do not know how to arrange the storage closet, shelving units and cube storage units in the laundry room, which may make the laundry room look messy. Therefore, this article will introduce to the storage method of the laundry room.


34- cube storage units


Arrange the Laundry Room Reasonably

Some apartment will have a lot of corner space, so it is very suitable to set up the laundry room in this place. The sink, washing machine, and clothes drying rack are arranged side by side, and the hanging wall closet units are used for storage. It only takes 1-2 square meters, which is actually not complicated.


If there is more space, we can increase the storage capacity. For example, we can use dirty clothes baskets to avoid spreading dirty clothes in every corner of the house. A clothes-hanging rail can be installed above the space, which can be used to hang clothes. Or we can go to the balcony to dry the clothes, which will save a lot of space for other functions.


If it is a house with a loft, it is a good choice to use the loft to build a laundry room. After all, the loft is more sunny and more convenient for drying clothes.


A very space-saving way is to stack the dryer and washing machine together to use vertical space and save floor space. Of course, we can also choose not to buy two machines. Instead, we can buy a washing machine that integrates washing and drying.


If there is really no room for the laundry room at home, we can hide the small washing machine in the locker and close the sliding door when we don’t use it, which can be regarded as a merger of functional areas.



Make Use of Storage Tools

We can choose a multifunctional combination furniture that integrates storage and ironing. This kind of furniture is specially designed for people who are building laundry rooms for the first time. Not only is it beautiful in appearance, but the meticulous classification of functions also saves us time and energy.


The slender shelf is suitable for small corners and does not miss any available space. The metal plate full of holes above the metal shelving unit can be hung with various cleaning utensils.


Wheeled trolley carts are undoubtedly the most flexible storage furniture. Usually it can be placed in various corners and can be pulled out when needed, and it can be easily moved around with us.


The open storage cloth rack can be used to store the clothes waiting to be cleaned, and the structural design that helps the space circulation can avoid problems such as mildew and odor of the clothes.



Through reasonable space design and the use of storage tools, we can make full use of the laundry room and make the laundry room look neater.

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