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How to Organize Men Clothes and Accessories?

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We speak a lot about girls’ clothes and accessories but what about guys? Today’s roundup is dedicated to men’ s clothes and accessories, so that guys could find some closet storage solutions, too. If you have some storage closet drawers, just make compartments for your belts and ties, and add a compartment for watches. If you are tight on space, attach a plastic shelf rack or a hanger to the wall for your ties. Home wall shelves can also have some compartments, so that it would be easier for you to find what you need. Organizing your accessories will save your time and help you find every piece, so choose the best ideas and apply them!


09-1-closet storage units

1. Organize Your Pocket Squares

Pocket squares can come in all kinds of sizes and even shapes, but most of yours are square. The easiest way to keep these pocket squares organized is to neatly fold and stack them. You can fold in half and stack, or fold in half twice and then stack. The former will allow for more to be stacked before the tower begins to tip over. If you have some room in your sock drawer, you can choose “fold in half and stack” option.



2. Take Advantages of Shelves for Sweaters and Knits

A man's portable wardrobe closet should include some rolling shelving unit for storage of folded items like knits and sweaters. The shelves should not be located above the double hang section unless the ceilings are exceptionally high. Place the closet shelves next to the double hang section, or above a closet hutch or dresser. You could even include shelves as part of a closet island. As an added benefit to installing a closet island with shelves instead of all drawers, shelves are less expensive and will bring the total cost of your storage closet down.



3. Install Closet Hampers

Every well appointed man's wardrobe storage closet should include some sort of built-in hamper system. In order to stay completely organized, it is preferable to have two hamper bags or units so that regular laundry can be separated from the items that need to be taken to the dry cleaners. This will ensure that items which aren't supposed to get wet with water are not accidentally thrown into the washing machine. Built-in hampers with removable hamper bags or hampers with removable liners are preferrable, because they make it easy to transfer dirty clothes from the closet to the laundromat.



4. Buy a Shoes rack

No man should forget about good shoe organization for his closet. Every man has multiple pairs of shoes in multiple colors, even if it is only to distinguish casual footwear from dress shoes. Whether you are wearing trendy Air Jordans or traditional oxfords, you will want dedicated shelves or racks to keep them organized and off the floor when you are not wearing them.


11-2-simple shoe rack 拷贝


5. Prepare Tie Racks, Belt Racks and Other Accessories Storage

Proper organization for ties and belts is essential in a closet design for men. There are numerous special racks and hooks designed to hold belts and ties. Use them. They will keep your ties wrinkle free and your belts easy to find when you need them. Additionally, many men find that jewelry drawer organizers installed in a closet drawer are the perfect way to organize sunglasses, watches, cufflinks, tie clips and even tie stays.

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