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How to Organize Your College Dorm?

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Dorm living is all about making the most of a small space. Needless to say, we had to learn how to make the most of our tiny space. Here are the best dorm room storage essentials that will help you maximize your space and keep your dorm super organized all year long.


College Dorm

1. Foldable Storage Dividers

It’s so easy for your drawers to get messy, but the foldable storage dividers are perfect for keeping everything super organized inside your drawers! You can use these dividers to organize your socks, underwear, bras, etc. instead of just throwing everything directly in the drawer.



2. Command Hooks

There is really never a good space to hang your purses and backpacks. I would just hang them on one of the poles on my bunk bed, but after a while, so many purses had ended up there, and it looked like a crazy mess. For my backpack, I would throw it right by my desk which blocked the majority of our dorm room.


Using command hooks is a really good idea because you are using a space efficiently that doesn't really have any other good purposes. Make sure if you are hanging up your backpack, use a really strong hook since those backpacks can be very heavy.



3. Hanging Shoe Organizer

I like the hanging shoe organizer that hangs on the rod in the wardrobe closet much more than the ones that hang over the door with hooks. Why? This is more space-efficient and discreet. It also looks a lot better than having all your shoes hanging in clear pouches over the back of the door.



4. Storage Bins

Storage bins can be used for storing many items in your dorm room and are perfect for storing things on shelves in a neat and organized way. I like those structured fabric storage bins with rope handles.



5. Magic Hangers

How can we live without magic laundry hangers?! These are absolutely genius. They save a ton of space (which is great since your dorm wardrobe will likely be super small) and keep your clothes organized.



6. Over-The-Door Baskets

I always used over-the-door shoe organizers for extra storage but these baskets are literally made for extra over-the-door storage!

If I was living in a dorm now, I would totally suggest using these for snack storage. This is a dorm organization hack everyone should use!



7. Pants Hangers

I used the pant hangers in my dorm and still use them in my closet at home. I ran out of room in my drawers and was so happy I had these pants hangers. Plus, slacks and nice pants wont wrinkle in this way.



8. Bedside Storage

Even if you do have a bedside table, they usually aren't very big and stuff will get messy fast. I remember I would have one water bottle, a lamp and a book, and stuff would already start falling off my side table. The bedside storage basket will be more suitable for storing things you may use frequently.

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