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How to Organize the Dressing Table?

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Many women have a lot of cosmetics and skin care products, and many bottles and jars can make the dressing table very messy. How to organize the dressing table so that it can be kept clean and tidy while making the skin care products and cosmetics of the girls easier to access? If you want to make your dressing table tidy, cube storage units and shelving units are necessary.



Let's first take a look at what the girls usually have on their dressers. The first is skin care products that every woman basically has. There are many types of skin care products, including lotions, creams, toners, eye creams, masks, essences, and many others. They are packaged in tall and short bottles, as well as flaky products. Followed by more types of cosmetics, such as foundation, isolation, BB cream, concealer, pressed powder, blush, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick, mascara, sunscreen, nail polish, and many others, among them are slim products, columnar products and flat box products. Women all need to remove makeup after makeup. Makeup removal products include cotton pads, makeup remover, and makeup oil. Among them, there are fixed products such as cotton pads and high-bottle liquid products such as makeup remover. There are also tools that women often need to use, such as makeup brushes, eyelash curlers, curling irons and so on. How to store such a variety of bottles and cans in order to save space and be easy to access at any time? In this passage, we will introduce two ways.


61-3-storage shelf


Three-dimensional countertop storage

It is definitely not a good way to pile all the things on the countertop, which is messy and not easy to find what we want, and many skin care and cosmetics products are glass, ceramic bottles and jars, which is fragile.


There are wall shelf units and cubby storage of various materials on the market that allow us to fully organize the desktop things into a three-dimensional storage. For example, some plastic cube storage boxes can use different spaces to place skin care make-up products of different sizes and functions. There are also small cube storage units for storing lipsticks. Each cube size can fit one lipstick so that the lipsticks can be arranged neatly and three-dimensionally.


The main point of desktop storage is to only put the products that you must use every day. Don't just pile up everything on the countertop just because you bought the homebase cube storage. This will only make the dressing table full of all kinds of messy stackable storage cubes. Whether it's skin care products or make-up products, put only the recently used and must-use ones in the storage box and put it on the dressing table, and store products that are not usually used in other ways.



The Space above the Dressing Table

The dressing table in the home is mostly placed against the wall. Many people will ignore the wall space above the dressing table. In fact, we can use multi-layer wall mounted shelving units and some threshold cube organizer on the wall above the dressing table.


Multi-layer partitions can be set according to the size of the items we want to place, but the height between the boards should not be too low.




In addition to the above two ways to make full use of the storage space of the dressing table, we should also pay attention when buying a dressing table. It is best to have a drawer. We can put some rarely used skin care and cosmetic products in the drawer.



In general, a variety of storage tools can help us store cosmetics and skin care products, and also make our dressing table tidy.

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