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How to Organize the Laundry Closet

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Now in order to meet the storage needs, most laundry rooms will be equipped with a closet. So, where is the location of this cabinet more appropriate? How to arrange the space in the cabinet to efficiently use the space?



The Location of Laundry Closet

We can put the washing machine and sink on the side of the balcony, make a maid wall cabinet on the top of machine, and have a clothes-drying rack above. This is probably the best solution for small apartment balconies.


If the balcony has a width of about 1.2 meters, we can put a washing machine and a sink on one side of the balcony, and change the other side to storage closets, which has a stronger storage capacity.


If the width is wide enough, we can choose to make the sink larger. Carpets, floor mats and other things that are not suitable for washing in the washing machine can be cleaned in the large sink, which is very practical. We can also choose a layout where the washing machine is not placed against the wall, and use the space on the wall to place various sundries such as dirty clothes baskets, cube storage units, cleaning supplies and many other items, which can enhance the practicality of the balcony.


If there is a dryer in addition to the washing machine, we can also choose to stack the dryer on the washing machine, and then surround the machines with cabinets to make full use of the space of the laundry room.



32-maid wall cabinet

How to Arrange the Closet Space

We can use laundry baskets to partition each layer in the closet, and then mark the laundry hamper. For example, the laundry basket used for dirty clothes and the collapsible laundry basket for clean clothes need to be distinguished, so that it will also be more convenient when looking for clothes.


When storing towels, do not fold them as before. We can roll the towels, and then store and organize them. This will save more space than folded towels.


We can also use shoe boxes cleverly. Don’t throw away the shoebox that is given when we buy shoes. We can put it on the bottom of the closet to store some scattered items. This saves a sum of money for buying homebase cube storage boxes. If we want the box to be beautiful, we can paint or paste some beautiful paintings on the surface of the shoe box ourselves. But shoe boxes also have shortcomings. As a paper box, it is easy to become soft and rot when wet. If we want to use a box for a long time, it is recommended to choose plastic cube storage unit.



With the closet, our laundry room will look more beautiful and tidy, and the storage space of the laundry room will be increased. Reasonable use of the space in the closet can allow the closet to accommodate more items, and it can also facilitate our daily access to items, improve the efficiency of housework, and make our home look more beautiful.

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