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How to Plan the Bathroom Space

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The bathroom is an indispensable family space, and we use it every day. A good bathroom not only makes us feel better, but also makes our lives healthier. However, the bathroom space is limited. If the space is not planned well, it will easily become messy. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce how to plan bathroom space.


37-wall shelf unit 

Bathroom Planning Principles

In the bathroom, there are inevitably many bottles and cans, a lot of wet and dry towels and clothes. To store these things, we must fully consider the storage needs and have enough storage space before the bathroom is renovated. Enough storage space will make life more convenient. The size and shape of each bathroom is different, and the location of pipeline laying is also different. Therefore, it is best to learn about the location of sanitary ware before planning storage space.


A major principle of bathroom storage is the combination of open and closed storage. For some beautiful bottles, we can put them on the shelving unit in the bathroom as displays. And some personal items with higher privacy, we can put them in the storage closet.


In a bathroom, storage closet organizers are naturally the best choice for storage. However, some wooden closet organizers are not suitable for wet bathrooms, so waterproof and moisture-proof materials should be used.


Bathroom storage design emphasizes both openness and closedness, so in addition to cabinet, we can also use an elongated wall shelf unit to place more things on it, and secondly it can be used as a dressing table. And some hardware accessories, such as hangers, soap holders, towel racks, and shelves, hooks and pegs can be used to place bathroom supplies.



Bathroom Storage Tools

The multi-layer storage trolley cart is very suitable for the bathroom. It can be used for daily storage of toiletries. It is ventilated and suitable for the humid environment of the bathroom. It has a moderate height and is more convenient to take. The storage trolley is made of PS material, which is tough and durable, and the supporting and fixing rod is made of aluminum, which is light and beautiful, stable and easy to use. The universal wheel design of the moving trolley can rotate 360° freely, and the movement is particularly smooth, which is extremely practical.


We usually change clothes in the bathroom. The pile of dirty clothes after changing will make the small bathroom space look very sloppy. At this time, we need a laundry basket. A storage basket with multi-layer compartment design is very practical, which allows different clothes to be put away in different categories, which is convenient to find and easy to pick up. The convenient small hook on the storage basket can be used to hang small objects such as bath balls.



As long as we reasonably plan the bathroom space and make use of various storage tools well, we can create a beautiful and tidy bathroom.


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