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How to Store Shoes for a Long Time?

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Reasonable storage of shoes can not only prolong the service life of shoes, but also make the feet shining. Here several storage methods of shoes are recommended for reference.


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1. Do Not Throw the Shoe Box in a Hurry

Shoe boxes are the most convenient for shoe storage. Plastic storage boxes can also be bought to store shoes. These shoe boxes can be neatly stacked together and then stored in a suitable place. And because it is the original shoe box, good quality and dust-proof, expensive shoes, such as high-heeled shoes and dancing shoes, can be stored. The logo on the original shoe box will help to find the shoes wanted as soon as possible.



2. Utilization of Shoe Bags Suspended in the Wardrobe

The material of halter shoe rack is usually canvas, which can be hung in the closet units. It is easy for storage and taking, but it takes up more space in metal wardrobe closet.



3. Utilization of Baskets

The utilization of baskets to store shoes can make good use of smaller storage space. Shoes can be thrown into the basket randomly. The basket is suitable for storing soft shoes, such as slippers and sports shoes. If they are not afraid of being crushed, other shoes can also be stored in it. The disadvantage of basket storage is that it is inconvenient to be found, because shoes are piled up in disorder in the basket.



4. Utilization of Shoe Cabinet

The stackable shoe cubby can be placed independently or on the wall. It can also be matched with clothes storage system and can be placed inside and outside the wardrobe. One of the questions to be considered before deciding to use the modern shoe cabinet is whether to use these shoes for a long time, because they are placed in a position that can be seen every day. Except for shoe cabinet with doors, open shoe chest is not dustproof.



5. Store Expensive Shoes in Shoe Boxes or Dust Bags

This keeps them clean and tidy. If shoe boxes are not used, then dust bags can be applied to store expensive shoes to prevent dust.



6. Consider Which Shoes Can Be Stacked Together

General soft shoes, such as slippers, sports shoes, etc., can be stacked in a box or a bin, without having to be placed separately in the shoe rack large or shoe boxes.



7. Store Shoes by Season

If people live in a region with four distinct seasons, it is very convenient to store shoes according to the season of use. Put the shoes out of season in portable clothes closet, or put them in boxes under the bed, so as to save more space for the shoes of the season. When the season changes, just change the position of the shoes.



8. Tips

Clean up the worn shoes when seasons change, then store them. Check the stored shoes at least once a year to see if there are any areas that need to be repaired. See if it can be donated or sold to an old shoe store. Put a label on the shoe box to briefly describe the characteristics of the shoe, which will help to quickly find the shoes wanted later. Because the boots are relatively large and the corresponding shoe boxes are relatively large, remember to leave enough space for the boots when they are stored.


If the original shoe boxes are used to store shoes, take a photo of the shoes, print them out and paste them on the surface of the box. In this way, the shoes wanted can be easily found without having to rummage through the cabinets one by one.

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