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How to Store Shoes without Damaging Them

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Usually we have a lot of shoes. It is really a headache to store so many shoes. So how to store shoes without taking up space?

70-2-stackable shoe bin


1. A Simple Shoe Rack and a Suitable Cloth Curtain

Surround a fabric shoe hanger with cloth curtain. Unlike the traditional solid wood shoe cabinet, it is all right to increase the storage space of shoes in any suitable vacant space.



2. Large Capacity Storage and Hanging bag

Shoes can be sorted and stored in hanging bags. Storage and hanging bag is cheap, large capacity, and all the shoes can be seen at a glance. It is a good choice. In addition, if the storage space is still insufficient, a folding screen can be bought, and the storage bag can be hung on both sides. Put the shoes in season on the easy side of the screen, and the shoes off season can be placed on the back of the screen.


The shoes are so beautiful that it is unbearable to put them in the black thin shoe cabinet? Simply put the shoes on the ladder, which not only saves space, but also looks beautiful.



3. Make Shoe Rack with Old Wooden Planks

Put the shoes into the long hole between two planks. This method can put the shoes of adults and children in a corner of the house well.



4. Put the Shoes in the Bucket

Put the shoes in the bucket and label them, such as by family name or by type of shoes, then find a suitable kitchen storage closet or shoe storage units to put them in place. This storage method is not suitable for people who super love cleaning.



5. Stack Shoes in Used Paint Buckets

If innovative and environmentally friendly methods are preferred, it is a good idea to recycle some old paint buckets or buckets to store shoes.



6. Old Bookshelf

If there is an old bookshelf with adjustable height, it can be applied as an expandable shoe rack. Put high boots at the bottom, running shoes and flat shoes in the middle, and high heels at the top.



7. Under Bed Storage

If there is limited space at home, it is a good idea to put the shoes under the bed. Buy a large frame (poster size) and put the shoes on the frame. In this way, the shoes can be easily pulled out from under the bed when they are needed.



8. DIY Shoe Rack

Make ones own stackable shoe bin with a budget. It is cheap and easy to cut and stack some PVC pipes.



9. Footstool Storage

If the footstool can store things, buy a halter shoe rack on the door and nail it inside the footstool. Canvas is the best choice.


Generally speaking, people need to know the layout of their home very much to find out where to set built in shoe cabinet or shoe rack for wardrobe to store shoes.

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