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How to maintain the Non woven wardrobe

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Non woven wardrobe is very convenient for temporary rental friends, which has a simple modeling and is convenient to install. One of the most important factors that consumers like it is that it is cheap and cost-effective. At the same time, the simple cloth cabinet not only has a good function of storing clothes, but also can store some light clothes that are often used. However, the simple non woven wardrobe closet needs to pay attention to maintenance due to material problems.


What is a non woven wardrobe?


Simple cloth cabinet mainly refers to small pieces of furniture that can be assembled or disassembled by simple tools and can be moved at any time for placing clothes. Among the materials used in the cloth cabinet, the most important thing is what kind of cloth is used as the manufacturing material. In general, the common material of cloth cabinet is non-woven fabric. The characteristic of non-woven fabric is environmental protection, more colors and so on.


83-cloth wardrobe

How to maintain it?


1. Location


In fact, the fabric closet organizer maintenance is very simple, the first thing to pay attention to is the usual use, such as the simple cloth cabinet placement position. Due to the material, the simple cloth cabinet must be placed in a dry and ventilated place. This is not only to ensure the service life of the canvas wardrobe with drawers, but also to add some additives in the simple cloth cabinet, such as the additives added by the merchants in the production of the simple cloth cabinet. On the other hand, this can also avoid the simple clothes cabinet after the moisture on the top of some of the mold material contaminated clothes.


2. Clothing placement:


The clothes in the Neway canvas wardrobe should also be paid attention to. Although the material of the simple cloth cabinet is relatively special, the fabric material is not harder than the solid wood material, and the compression resistance is not enough. Therefore, when placing clothes, pay attention not to place heavy clothes in the same position, so as to avoid accumulating heavy clothes for a long time, which may lead to some part of the simple cloth cabinet was damaged by overuse. Therefore, when using the simple cloth cabinet, we should pay attention to adjust the position of the clothes in the non woven wardrobe every once in a while.


3. Keep away from danger


The material of simple cloth cabinet is generally composed of metal support and fabric material, so the heat source is more dangerous to the simple cloth cabinet first. So as to avoid the improper position of simple cloth cabinet and the occurrence of danger, cloth cabinet should be away from heat source. In addition, some sharp things should not be put into the simple cloth cabinet, and at the same time, it should be far away from the simple cloth cabinet, so as not to puncture the simple cloth cabinet.


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