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Key Questions to Ask When Planning the Storage of Bathroom

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When we plan the storage space of our bathroom, we should carefully consider what we will store in the bathroom and the storage requirements for these things. When we choose bathroom home depot closet cabinets, shelving units, cube storage units and other storage appliances, we need to consider carefully. A well-planned bathroom storage space can make the bathroom beautiful and tidy.



What Will We Store in the Bathroom?

The most important thing about the storage plan is to estimate what we need to store. The storage plan for the bathroom is the same. Before planning the storage space, we can throw away some unnecessary or used bottles and jars, leaving only the necessary toiletries. Then we need to make a list of things we estimate that will be stored in the bathroom. After that, we can roughly estimate the storage space required for each thing, and then plan the storage space reasonably according to it.



Did We Classify the Things in the Bathroom?

We already have a list of bathroom necessities, and we need to classify them. The goal of classification is to help us estimate where the items are placed.


The classification standard of bathroom items depends on our own needs and lifestyle. But there is a general principle, we should place the object near the place where it is used, which is more convenient to use. For example, cosmetics should be placed near the best-lit mirror in the bathroom.


We can also choose to buy a portable shelving unit or small portable closet, in which we store the daily necessities, so that it is convenient for storage at ordinary times. When we are going out to pack our luggage, we only need to take this sturdy portable closet away.



Have We Made Full Use of Bathroom Space?

After completing the preliminary planning of the bathroom storage space, if we think that we have fully utilized the bathroom storage space, we need to seek for others’ opinion. We can ask a professional designer to help. Generally speaking, we will overlook certain areas when planning storage. For example, the space under the bath is rarely noticed, but the designer created a convenient closet drawer organizer here. Therefore, we can chat with bathroom designers or plastic closet cabinet manufacturers to see if they can help us find some smart storage planning solutions.


38-home depot closet cabinets


Are There Other Places Where We Can Store Things?

If our bathroom is small in size, there may not be enough room to store everything, especially towels, which will take up a lot of storage space. At this time, we can choose to store some items that are not particularly necessary in other places.


We can see if there is extra storage space around the bathroom to store some less commonly used items. For example, aisle cabinets can be used to hold towels and cleaning supplies. If we cannot use the entire cabinet to store cleaning supplies, we can choose to use part of the bedroom closet cabinets, some drawers or fabric storage cubes under the bed.



Before planning the bathroom space, we must first get the answers to these questions, so that we can purchase storage cabinets, racks and other storage items with a clear purpose, and our bathroom will be tidy.

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