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Kitchen Storage Ideas to Help You in Order

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1. Throw

Kitchen fumes pile up. There are many large and small bottles and jars in the kitchen. It is not easy to tidy up. So the things unnecessary must be thrown away.



2. Store

The most direct solution is to hide them all. Cover the disorderly furnishings in the closet store, which will make the table clean and fresh.


Facing pots and pans, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar full of stove, the most direct solution is to hide them all. Cover the disorderly furnishings in the closet store, which will make the table clean and fresh.



(1) Cupboard

The small closets on the top of the operating table save a lot of floor space, which is very suitable for putting some light knickknacks. The closetmaid closet system can store large items, especially the space under the sink. It is often ignored, but it can be used to store cleaning utensils. Dishcloth, brush and detergent are arranged together, which is more convenient to be taken.


(2) Pull Cabinet

There is usually a gap between the refrigerator and the wall or the operating table. According to the size of the gap, the storage cabinet with wheels can be customized to place a large number of bottles and cans, which is easy to be pulled in and out.


(3) Dividing Drawer

For some small objects, the utilization of the closet system will waste some space, while the drawer is a better choice. A drawer with bamboo shelving unit allows chopsticks, forks, and even aprons each in its own place.



3. Collection

The overall goal of kitchen storage is to make use of all the things that can be stored without wasting a little space.


(1) Plastic Storage Box, Fresh Storage Bag

A good use of the refrigerator will greatly reduce the sense of crowding in the kitchen. Vegetables can be put in a larger storage box, and some leftovers can also be packed in plastic lunch boxes and piled into a pile and put into the refrigerator. The small open items are sealed with fresh-keeping storage bags and placed on the adjustable shelving unit on the side door of the refrigerator.


(2) Various Bottles and Jars

Cereal grains in the kitchen are susceptible to moisture and are not easy to be stored. Large and small cans with labels can be applied. It is easy to be cleaned up without worrying about food spoilage.


(3) Shelf in the Corner

Some cheap metal shelving units can be installed in the corners of the kitchen to fill the space in the kitchen reasonably.



4. Hang out

Hanging outis also a good idea for storage. The most intelligent use of the blank wall space in the kitchen is also the storage method that many families will adopt at present.


(1) Large Area Wire-wrap Board

Towels and some portable kitchenware can be hung on it.


(2) Wall Mounted Division Plate

As shelves, wall mounted shelving units can place dishes, bowls and other slightly larger kitchenware. At the same time, it greatly increases the sense of space in the kitchen.


(3) Multifunctional Hanging Rod Bracket

The multifunctional hanging rod bracket can be applied to hang pots and pans, as well as oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar. It is convenient to match with removable hooks.



5. Display

If it can not be thrown, hiden, put away, or hung up, it is a good choice to display them out liberally.


(1) Transparent Glass Jar

The small jar with extremely high level of appearance can hold a lot of fragmentary things, and it is also a joy to put it on the table.


(2) Multi Purpose Tableware Rack

The two to three story design of multi purpose shelving units can be said to be very user-friendly, which can catch all the small items in daily use.


(3) Weaving Basket

All kinds of weaving cloth basket is also a representative of the beauty of the kitchen, and it is also excellent to store some articles that need to be taken from time to time.


Kitchen are used every day. A neat, clean space will make people more happy.

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