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Laundry Room Organization Idea

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The most common place for laundry machine is the bathroom, but the bathroom area of many domestic houses is not large. Placing the washing machine means setting up enough storage space with laundry bin, which easily makes the bathroom too narrow. Now, many people will design a laundry room. However, the location of many laundry rooms is relatively hindered by the dwelling size, and they are not integrated with other functions required for housework. They cannot effectively shorten the circulation and improve efficiency.



So, what should a truly efficient and practical laundry room look like? According to the following methods, we can set up an independent laundry room with complete storage functions using clothes basket, and concentrate these trivial things in one area to improve efficiency and make the room tidy.


27-laundry basket



Set the Best Housework Line

First of all, we need to list the items and order of usual housework according to daily habits. We can use a table to list the housework items that may be involved, and then set up functional areas according to the order of housework. Generally speaking, it is the easiest to design a linear course of action. There can be lockers for storing other housework tools on the course of action, so that all housework can be handled together. This design makes housework more concentrated and saves space.



Set the Optimal Storage Space

The convenient route of action is not enough to maximize efficiency. The storage design of the housework area is also very important. A good storage space is not only neat and beautiful, but also avoids the trouble of finding things. Before planning the storage area, a list of items used in each housework should be listed according to the actual situation of the home. Then, according to housekeeping items, item types and usage habits, we should set fixed locations for items to create storage space.


1. Clothes Storage

We must first consider where we are used to undressing and changing clothes. For example, if we are used to changing clothes in the bedroom and the laundry area is not nearby, we can set up a laundry basket in the bedroom and take it to the laundry area when washing clothes.


If the changing location is very close to the laundry area, we can set up a collapsible laundry basket next to the washing machine. We can also customize a dirty clothes laundry hamper, which can not only store laundry in categories, but also store daily necessities related to laundry.



2. Laundry Supplies Storage

Cleaning products such as washing powder, liquid detergent, and laundry ball, which are frequently used for washing clothes, need to be placed near the washing machine within the reach of one hand. For example, when making a washing cabinet, a wall cabinet and a countertop can be set above the washing machine for storage.


If you don’t want to customize the laundry cabinet, you can also buy a washing machine shelving units or cube storage units to store cleaning supplies. It is also a good choice to place a laundry rack next to the washing machine. The height of the storage rack should be the same as that of the washing machine.


3. Area for Drying, Ironing and Stacking Clothes

If the process after washing can be completed in the washing area, the efficiency will be higher. For example, adding clothes drying rack to the storage cabinet can not only store clothes, but also play a role of temporary drying. We can also build a special ironing storage rack on the wall to store irons and other ironing tools on the rack.


4. Housework Tool Storage

Homebase cube storage boxes can be set up not far from the laundry area to make full use of the laundry time to do other housework and improve efficiency. The storage boxes can store a series of housework tools including vacuum cleaners, mops, buckets, rags, and many others, and spare daily necessities can also be placed here. In this way, it is more convenient to take tools and replace daily necessities when doing housework, avoiding the trouble of searching everywhere.



Good planning of the laundry room can make housework easier, making washing clothes easier and organized, and good planning can also make the laundry room look neater and make the home more beautiful.

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