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Shoe storage solution | How to choose the right shoe rack

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Good storage of shoes can not only tidy the vision of the entrance, but also effectively save your time and efficiency when going out, making life more convenient.


But speaking of it, the storage of shoes is a headache for many families. There are a lot of shoes for a family of several people. The entrance and exit are all placed in the porch, which is easy to mess up. As the entrance of the home, the storage of shoes must be easy to access and beautifully placed.


If your shoe storage area is always in a mess, let a shoe storage solution that suits you to turn the mess into order!


Shoe storage solution


1. Customized according to the family space. With a small shoe storage space and a large number of shoes, how to maximize the use of living space has become a problem for many people. A hanging door shoe rack can be a perfect solution.


The hanging diy door shoe rack can be combined according to its own house conditions. The edge is made of plastic, and the middle tube is made of metal, which has good stability and can be hung behind the door. At the same time, this diy plastic shoe rack can not only place various kind of shoes, you can also hang some commonly used small objects, such as belts.


Specific installation steps


First, Insert the iron pipe into the plastic part. Second, Assemble the plastic parts to the iron pipe. Third, Splice the two assembled parts.


Our design team always upholds a serious and rigorous work attitude to simplify the user's installation steps and operation difficulty to the greatest extent. The precise size design makes installation very simple.


2. Open shoe storage. The open storage solution provides a lot of storage space for shoes, but also makes finding shoes easier.

open shoe rack82

If you are worried that the open shoe rack is easy to leak dust? You can choose an  shoe rack with open bench, so you can wear shoes and bags. The bottom of the shoe rack can effectively keep the ground clean, and with the wall hangings, the space at home becomes more flexible.

wooden shoe rack

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