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Spring Laundry Room Cleaning Guide

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Spring is coming, which means flowers and trees, cute animals and warm temperatures. Spring also means it's time to start preparing for the spring cleaning. Especially the laundry room which has been relatively humid, in addition to daily cleaning, it needs to be cleaned thoroughly at least once a year.


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What Is Spring Cleaning?

Spring cleaning is an informal annual event, when people will clean their homes. Many people take the opportunity to clean up the clutter while organizing things, making this project an effective way to prepare their home for the new season and new year.



Spring Cleaning Steps

1. Orderly Cleaning

To be efficient in cleaning, it must be done in an orderly manner and avoid duplication of work. We should think about a plan before cleaning, such as the direction, starting from the ceiling and walls, remembering to clean the clothes drying rack, then to the windows, home appliances, cube storage units and other furniture in the laundry room, and finally to clean the floor.


2. Remember to Clean Easily Overlooked Objects

The trash bins, wall storage closet, drying racks, laundry baskets, shelving units and various foldable storage cubes in the laundry room are easy to overlook during daily cleaning. Don't miss these places when cleaning.


3. Clean Dust with Sweaters

Brushing the surface of stackable storage cubes and modular closets with an old sweater can generally clean the dust on the surface.


4. Non-toxic and Harmless Cleaning of Sewer Pipes

Sewer chemical cleaners are highly abrasive and harmful, containing harmful ingredients such as lye or sulfuric acid, and residual steam volatiles after use are also harmful. The safest way is to pour boiling water to the drain once a week, then throw in the sodium bicarbonate, and then pour 125 ml of vinegar.


5. Easy Window Cleaning Method

We can add 80 ml of distilled white vinegar and a spoonful of dishwasher detergent to 1 liter of water to clean the windows of the laundry room. When cleaning, be careful not to clean on sunny days, otherwise the cleaning liquid will quickly dry out and leave streaks on the glass.


6. Cleaning of Washing Machine and Dryer

Studies have shown that when using non-bleaching detergent to clean sterile cloth, it was found that 40% of the sterile cloth had E. coli bacteria remaining, and the remaining amount was sufficient to contaminate the laundry next time. So, when we wash clothes, we can add 250ml of hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach.


7. Non-chemical Cleaning of Stubborn Dirt

We can prepare 1 box of borax at home to clean stubborn stains. Borax is a natural mixture of sodium, boron, oxygen and water. It can be used as a substitute for bleach and is very effective in cleaning stubborn dirt.



In addition to the furniture in the laundry room, there are also many tools that we use for storage, such as laundry hamper and cloth storage cubes. We usually neglect the cleaning of these items. Through the above methods, we can do a thorough cleaning and clean all the items in the laundry room, which can keep our laundry room tidy for a long time.

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