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Trend of Bathroom Storage in 2020

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It is the end of summer again, so let's summarize the latest trends in bathroom space layout and storage. The content involves how to combine bathroom furniture and accessories more effectively, as well as the current popular design styles.



1. Charming Solid Color

Smart storage plan is absolutely necessary in family bathroom, especially in small bathroom. Small space especially needs to save more space. For example, cosmetics and accessories are stored in the closet drawer of bottom cabinet covering all at one glance, which maximizes the available space in the bathroom cabinet.


Monochrome bathrooms have been popular for the past few years, but to prevent the black-and-white color scheme from appearing too cold and monotonous, a little natural color should be added. Wooden boxes and clothes basket, bathroom stools and laundry hamper also add a natural style to the facilities.



2. Shelf

Put the shelf in the room, which can add personality to the bathroom. If the space is limited, accessories of the same color series should be selected. The modern custom closet shelving can effectively solve the space problem and provide space for soap, towels, perfume and cosmetics. Glass shelftrack also has fine quality and strong decoration.



3. Space Saving Bathroom Furniture and Accessories

If the bathroom is narrow, then space saving bathroom furniture and smart space solutions are required. For example, foldable closet is tried to be selected. The tub is a perfect alternative to a small bathroom because it takes up less space than a bathtub. Shower linen baskets with suction cups can be applied because they are easy to be installed without drilling.



4. Originality of Retro Style of Bathroom

Though the colors look very confusing, they are exciting and practical. It is also a way to describe the bathroom in a retro style. The walls are as simple as possible, and the design for children focuses on functionality. Children like colorful items, such as colorful decorative coat hooks, soap, toys and bathing equipment, so colors can be combined boldly.



5. Set up a Bathroom of Extremely Simple Style 

It follows the principle ofless is more. In the bathroom of extremely simple style, simple white tile and textured wall form a pleasant contrast.


6. Originality of Country Style Bathroom

In the country style bathroom, farm tools become household goods. The empty the metal closet shelving is, the bigger the bathroom will look. Instead of putting all the bottles in a row, the cosmetics are divided into several groups and put on the white closet shelving.



7. Create a Unique Bathroom

Colors can be combined boldly, and patterns can also be combined. Natural patterns, coupled with geometric patterns, such as stripes, triangles or animals, work better. Put a few LED candles to create a relaxed atmosphere.



8. Establish Environmental Protection Bathroom

Try to save resources. For example, install water-saving faucets, apply solar water heaters, and install LED lights in the bathroom, etc.



Understanding the trend of bathroom layout and storage in 2020 can help us better keep up with the trend.


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