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What's the Difference Between a Non-woven Wardrobe and an Oxford Wardrobe?

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Closetmaid wardrobe can be classified according to different materials. The common wardrobe is the solid wood wardrobe. This kind of wardrobe storage units is more suitable for the users who have purchased the house, because they rarely have the demand for mobile cheap portable closet in their life. But if they are rental housing users, cloth cabinet is recommended. Because wall cupboard for clothes is lighter and more convenient to move. Many fabric wardrobe closets are made of oxford cloth or non-woven fabric. The following is a detailed introduction to these two kinds of fabrics.



1. The Characteristics of Oxford Cloth and Non-woven Fabric

Oxford cloth can be woven with various textile fibers. It has good toughness, soft and bright color, and soft cloth body. Moreover, it has good air permeability, easy washing and quick drying,  sun-proof and the thickness is inclined to thin. The exact name of non-woven fabric should be called nonwovens. It is a kind of fabric without spinning and weaving. It is characterized by moisture-proof, breathable, non combustion, non-toxic, non irritant, environmentally friendly and recyclable.




2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Oxford Cloth and Non-woven Fabric

In addition to the dust-proof and breathable function of non-woven fabric, oxford cloth has the advantages of higher grade, lighter, stronger, more durable and washable than non-woven fabric. The texture of thickened composite oxford fabric is better. Its life span can be as long as 10-15 years in the case of no man-made damage.


However, when the wardrobe cloth cover is used for the first time, it usually has a bad smell, and the odor of oxford cloth may be more serious. It is suggested that the product can be dried outdoors for a period of time until the odor slows down. The quality of the non-woven fabric is a little poor, and it can be torn easily. After one year use, it will be found that the non-woven fabric has obvious aging, serious decomposition and decay, and it can not be washed with water. However, for the coated non-woven fabric on the market, this improved cloth cover can also be scrubbed. The wardrobe made of non-woven fabric is called non woven wardrobe.



3. Use Cost of Two Kinds of Cloth Cover

Oxford cloth and non-woven fabric belong to polyester category. From the price point of view, polyester oxford fabric is about three times more expensive than non-woven fabric. Of course, the quality and durability will be much better. Oxford cloth is better when standing wardrobe closet is made. Oxford cloth is durable and wear-resistant. Nowadays, cloth storage wardrobe made by many manufacturers are made of oxford cloth. The worst is nonwoven, but it is really cheap.



4. Material

Oxford cloth is a chemical fiber material, mainly nylon or polyester, and the surface of it must have UP or PVC glue. It is waterproof, wear-resistant, stab resistant, strong and durable, high temperature resistant. Oxford cloth is a cloth woven fabric. The tensile and anti riot intensity of oxford fabric is better than that of non-woven fabric. It has good quality and long service life. Oxford clothes cabinet for small spaces is a good choice. The non-woven fabric is composed of short textile fiber or filament yarn, which has the advantages of short process flow, fast production speed, high output and low cost.


In short, the difference between these two kinds of small wardrobe cabinet cloth covers can be seen after a long time of use. So how to select can only rely on their own weighing the pros and cons.


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