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What to Do with too much Wet Clothes? You Need These Clothes Racks

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Drying clothes on the balcony takes up a lot of space, and the wall mounted clothes dryer also has its limitations. Therefore, this paper introduces some clothes drying hanger which is easy to use. It can not only save space, but also play the same role in drying.



1. Advantages of Drying Clothes

(1) Save money.


(2) Drying clothes promotes energy conservation.


(3) Drying clothes can enhance the freshness of clothes and help to remove strong odor.


(4) Dry clothes are mild.


(5) Drying clothes increases physical activity and promotes weight loss.


(6) Drying helps bleach and disinfect clothing.


(7) Drying clothes in a room in winter can increase air humidity.


(8) Clotheslines can prevent dryer fires.


(9) Clotheslines create peace and harmony (enjoying the weather, the feel and smell of clean clothes. It can provide a meditative outdoor experience that helps reduce stress).


(10) Drying clothes is a small step towards changing the status quo. Drying clothes shows that you and your family are taking small steps to improve your health.


50-01-extendable clothes rail


2. Easy to Use Clothes Hanger

(1) Extendable Clothes Rail

The most powerful function of the extendable clothes rail is very intuitive. It can withstand the gravity of an adult man, so it need not to worry about too many clothes to dry. Moreover, as long as there are two walls, it can be used. Take it off directly when it is not in use, and it will not occupy completely full a corner of the house.


If the property management company allows, some telescopic clothes rail can be installed outside the window. But in fact, the unity of the exterior facade is not allowed to be destroyed by many property management company, and this kind of adjustable clothes rail is not suitable for houses on the road with more dust in the air.


(2) Collapsible Clothes Drying Rack

When necessary, it can be directly put down for use. If it is not used, it can be folded into the wall. It is also very beautiful. The only drawback may be the limited amount of clothes that can be dried. In addition, the collapsible clothes drying rack can be directly placed in the bathroom, occupying a small space and functiona. It can also act as a towel rack when it is not to hang clothes.


In addition, some of the collapsible drying rack are big, and the style is not beautiful enough. However, they have large area and are storable. It can be decided whether to use or not according to the actual situation.


(3) Invisible Clothes Hanger

Buy several invisible clothes hangers on the market. Install a few on the wall with good ventilation effect. Open it when it is used and fold it when it is not used. It is very convenient and practical, and does not affect normal life.


(4) Clothesline

The clothesline is a good invisible hanger. When needed, it can be utilized by pulling it out directly. When it is not needed, it is just a simple small box, beautiful and convenient.


(5) Pulley Style Hanger

The pulley style hanging clothes drying rack can be pushed anywhere. Usually when it is not used, it can also be directly placed in the bedroom or living room as a temporary clothes hanger, very convenient. The pulley type clothes rack on wheels is especially convenient for collecting clothes.


(6) Intelligent Clothes Hanger

The so-called intelligence is that it can automatically detect the humidity of clothes, then it decides whether to air dry or dry them. And it can automatically change the height. It can be  a  magic weapon of lazy man among the indoor clothes rack.


As for the selection of which kind of clothes hanger, it can be decided according to the specific situation.


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