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5 Recommended Storage Tools

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For most families, whether the room is large or small, storage is a very important issue. Especially now that most households are small in size, sometimes if you don’t clean up the extras in the house in time, the house will easily become messy. Storage is actually using the most trouble-free way to tidy things up. When we need to organize our home items, with these five storage tools, we can use a small space to hold more things and make our house tidy.



How Many Things Are There in A Family?

A family generally has 3500-4000 items. We can use a table to see where these things are mainly distributed. Generally speaking, the storage space of restaurants, hallways and public storage is relatively small.



Storage Tools Are Necessary

Storage is not only to put things away, but also to remember, see clearly, get them, and return them easily. So which storage tools are worth buying? Remember a criterion to avoid buying a single-function storage tool. There are five recommended commonly used tools. They are very practical in daily life. With them, 90% of the problems encountered in basic storage can be solved.



Transparent plastic cube storage units, this storage tool can be regarded as the storage cabinet with the highest penetration rate. The stackable storage cubes can be placed in closets, living rooms and other places to stack underwear, socks, base clothes and many others. There are many brands on Taobao that we can choose from. It is recommended to choose a transparent one, because it will make it easier to distinguish the contents of the collapsible storage cubes.


The telescopic layered long shelf unit can make perfect use of the extra space and can be placed in storage closets, cabinets and other places. However, we must measure the size before buying. If the plastic clothes cabinet is too deep, it is recommended to buy a telescopic board that is smaller than the depth.



The telescopic clothes drying rack is also a very practical tool. It does not require nails or perforations, and its load-bearing capacity is particularly good. It can hang everything suitable for hanging. It can be used in combination with other storage tools. There is also a vertical telescopic clothing rack that is also very popular in Japan. It has better load-bearing capacity than horizontal telescopic hangers and has a stronger ability to hang clothes.


The sealed bag is also a universal storage tool. It is used for all kinds of items that need to be classified. In addition to classifying food and medicine, it can also be used to store clothes. It can be used to distinguish fabrics, colors, and thickness. It can be used by families with children, which is used to distinguish between adult and child's clothing.


The closetmaid cubeicals fabric drawers is also highly recommended. It can be combined into a large drawer at home, which can be used to hold small clothes, skin care products, hygiene products and tableware. Partition management of these small objects is important, otherwise it will be easy to be messy.



Learning to store will not only make our home more organized, but also save more space and make our home beautiful and tidy.

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