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Good Idea for Kitchen Storage

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Kitchen storage is very important. It is the problem that people will encounter in daily life. Let's take a look at some good kitchen storage tips below.



1. Hang the Appliance

Hang the appliances on S wall coat hooks, just above the stove. The hanging rod can be used with ordinary towel rod, which is more economical.



2. Put knives and other sharp tools in a stainless steel box

The box can be fixed to one side of the counter. If there are children in the house, the box should be placed inside the door of closet system.



2. Vertical Storage Scheme

Separate the lid from the pan. Each pot cover is placed in a grid, which is easy to be taken when using.


pexels-dmitry-zvolskiy-2062426 (1) 

3. Store the Appliances in Line

Install a small pin board on the back panel to hang all kinds of small appliances on it. If there are other usages on the back panel, small nail board can also be installed on the inside of cabinet door. Try to arrange all kinds of utensils reqularly. It will be very beautiful.



4. Storage of Pots and Pans

Kitchen utensils and small pots can be hung on porcelain walls. Brackets are easy to be fixed on porcelain wall and it is easy to be cleaned.



5. Bracket

If the wall or ceiling can not be installed with hanging rods or black metal shelving unit, it can be considered to install a pull-out hanging rod in the closet storage cabinets. It is used to hang spoons and scoops.



6. Drawer

Divide the drawer into several compartments for small kitchen utensils. Open the drawer, then what people want will be found at a glance.



7. Cupboard

The embedded extra closet and hanging bar greatly increase the storage space. At the same time, it has no adverse effect on indoor ventilation.



8. Small Tool Storage

The smaller cutting tools can be placed in the plastic storage closet in the pull-out storage compartment under the counter top. Different knives in the storage compartment are placed on the tool holder to avoid accidental injury to the user.



10. Embedded Cutting Board

A drawer can be installed under the embedded cutting board to place the cutting tools. The tool holder in the drawer is magnetic, which can effectively prevent the tool from sliding out of the drawer.


11. Mystery in the Cabinet

It looks like an ordinary closet cubby. But these deep small pantry closets are really the center for baking desserts.Cage cloth, tray, base, and shallow pan can be stored in it. The wooden partition makes all the pallets clear.


Finally, do not let go of any narrow or shallow space in the kitchen. A small closet store can be made or mobile shelving unit can be put on the shelf. They are a good place to hold the casserole and the large tray.



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