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How to Choose a High Quality Cloth Cabinet

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The wardrobe is the essential furniture in the family. The existence of the wardrobe can make the home more tidy, at the same time, make life more convenient.There are many kinds of wardrobes, including wooden wardrobe, plastic wardrobe storage and non-woven ones.


Many families or students who rent houses often face frequent moving, and people begin to consider the use of light cloth cabinets. At the same time, due to its style and technology constantly updated, more and more families also began to like the cloth wardrobe.


At present, there are many styles of fabric closet organizer. Many consumers don't know how to choose when they buy them. In addition, they don't know how to maintain them in their daily life. Therefore, today we'll learn about the selection and maintenance methods of the wardrobe.

81-cloth wardrobe


How to Choose Cloth Cabinet:


1. Pay attention to whether the merchant's test report meets the standard: mainly check whether the merchant has the national test report and whether it meets the national mandatory standard. And attention should be paid to the anti-counterfeiting label of the fabric wardrobe closet.



2. The structure of the cloth cabinet should be appropriate: mainly check the stability of the cloth cabinet structure and the convenience of assembly. The stability of the cloth cabinet can keep balance with the fabric covered wardrobe when hanging clothes. If the assembly process is more cumbersome, then it lacks the convenience of the cloth cabinet.



3. Environmental protection: the fabric wardrobe should be used for a long time. If the cloth cabinet has a low environmental protection quality, it will have a certain impact on the health of the family. On the market, the material of cloth wardrobe is mainly particleboard and density board. Generally, the formaldehyde content of superior board must be less than 0.9mg/100mg.



4. Check the hardware: the hardware accessories of the cloth cabinet are very important. The materials are mainly carbon steel, titanium alloy and aluminum alloy. When purchasing the cloth cabinet, you should pay attention to the smoothness, wear resistance, pressure resistance and sealing characteristics of the pulley, as well as whether the slide is smooth and has noise. We should pay attention to hinge, screw, connecting frame and other accessories quality problems.



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