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How to Place Laundry Items?

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The laundry room at home is always an area needing tidying up, and it is often filled with dirty clothes. With storage skills and tools, we can not only tidy up the laundry room, but also make effective use of the space to turn the laundry room into a storage room for detergents, and put all the bottles and cans in order. Today, we will share some laundry room storing methods.



Laundry Room Clean-up plan

We should put the items for cleaning clothes together, and we can find all the things we need in this same place when we encounter work that needs cleaning and repair. Spare needles and threads, stain cleaners, and shoe care are all placed on the shelving units on the wall. Freshly washed and spare towels can be placed on a desk or cabinet within easy reach. We can install some foldable clothes rack, ladders and mops and other appliance s in the remaining space.


 31-laundry basket

Shelves Can Help Us Use Three-dimensional Space

We can nail some wall shelf unit on the wall, put the washed clothes or towels on them, and then we will have clean towels available at all times. Such wall mounted shelving units can help us save more floor space, and it can also be used as a good decoration.



Drying Space in the Laundry Room

Some cotton or silk shirts are very easy to shrink after washing, and the shrinkage can be relieved by hanging them immediately after washing. Moreover, the soft light of the laundry room will not fade the clothes as easily as the direct sunlight on the balcony, which is a very good drying space. We can install laundry drying rack under the wall metal wall shelf unit.



Design Space Utilization according to Laundry Room Structure

If our laundry room has a small wall corner, we can use the corner wall shelf unit to sort out all the debris we need. We can put washed or just dried clothes on the metal wall shelving unit, and the ironing board can be folded and placed next to the washing machine to facilitate our washing and tidying work.



Use the Pull-out Splint

We can install a stretchable splint between the washing machine and the clothes airer dryer, so that the dried clothes can be folded in the laundry room immediately, instead of taking them to other places for folding. The pull-out design does not take up any space and is a good design.



Adjustable Height Laundry Room Lockers

Thi adjustable wardrobe that can be seen everywhere can bring great convenience to our laundry room. Adjusting the space in the cabinet according to the number of clothes placed can give us more choices and convenience.



Pack Changed Clothes in A Laundry Basket

We can use a laundry basket to hold the clothes to be washed, and the other to hold the laundry to be dried. The classification at the beginning can help us save time. In addition, different bags can be packed according to different washing methods and labeled.



Through the above methods and tools, it can help us to organize the items in the laundry room, make the items easy to access, make the washing process easier, and make the laundry room clean and tidy.

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