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Small Storage Space? Create Your Wardrobe Space

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The clothes cupboard, which has been just sorted out, is disordered again soon. Is that because there are too many clothes? No, it is because the space planning of the wardrobe is not scientific enough. In fact, some small accessories can be applied to double the space utilization rate to create the most suitable closet space for personal living habits.



1. Stack Clothes

Divide the subdivided small space with storage box. It is the most basic function of walk in closet system to stack clothes with folding storage box and storage case. Especially for families with limited space, they can only store clothes by stacking them.


For the walk in wardrobe units with high demand for stacking, more stacked wardrobe storage cabinet can be designed in the design. Classify and place clothes much more in storage boxes or storage cases when in use. Also overlay and place clothes with multiple storage boxes so as to fine divide the space of the storage layer of the wardrobe. When more hanging space has been reserved and it is later found that more stacking space is needed, hanging multi-layer storage objects can also be purchased and clothes can be placed in the storage layer or best closet shelving.


08-1-custom closet storage 

2. Hanging Clothes

The space under the clothes can also be utilized by L-shaped movable storage closet shelving, pants rack with guide rail, storage bucket, clothes cover, etc. Some clothes are easy to wrinkle when they are stacked, which will affect their beauty. Therefore, it is necessary to hang them, such as women long skirts and men suits, as well as woolen coats and cotton padded clothes in winter. Pants rack with guide rail can be designed under the hanging wooden clothes rack, which can store pants. When using, pull out the guide rail to see the storage of trousers at a glance. Convenient-taken storage bucket can also be placed under the hanging clothes. Clothes to be folded, clothes that can be worn again after wearing once can also be put into it.



3. Accessories Storage

Accessories cabinet, storage box, drawer, hat box can let scarf, tie, hat and other accessories have their own place. Beautiful men and women always need a variety of decorative accessories, such as scarves, ties, hats, sunglasses and so on. Clothing accessories are different in size and shape, which is not only inconvenient to store, but also easy to make the wardrobe appear messy and untidy, affecting its utilization.


According to the situation of accessories, special accessories cabinet  can be designed when the wardrobe is customized.


In addition, hundred-treasure box(with different lattice layers, which has the structure of easily being embedded into small storage box) can also be added to place items by category. A shallow storage box can also be applied to separate the subdivision space with drawer movable modular closet shelving for placing different accessories.



4. Jewelry&Cosmetics Storage

In order to make the bedroom space look cleaner, insert the dressing table into the storage cabinet. Store the precious jewelry in daily use orderly into the wardrobe custom closet storage. A drawer layer with guide rail in the wardrobe can be designed as a storage layer for jewelry and cosmetics. Separate the different storage space of jewelry and cosmetics with small storage box, drawer movable lattice frame and other accessories.


Similarly, the side pull type accessory cabinet and the accessory storage space behind the cover door can also be designed with more custom closet shelving. The storage space of jewelry and cosmetics can also be reasonably planned in the space of hundred-treasure box.



As long as reasonable design and planning is made, everyone can have personalized wardrobe space.

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