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The Idea of an Exquisite Laundry Room with 20 Small Spaces - Practical and Efficient

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Is the walk in robe storage that we want like this? It is easy to find any clothes at a glance. Do not have to rummage through the clothes and just update the wardrobe according to the season and matching requirements.


10-1-open closet storage


1. Clean the Closet First

For those clothes that have occupied a corner of the freestanding wardrobe closet for a long time but never remember to wear, throw them away.


 There are holes, snagging thread, pilling, clothes stained with indelible stains, and shirts that are always ironed uneven.


③ If clothes that are not suitable for you are bought, they will not match you, or even if you wear them, there will be a sense of disharmony. It is better to deal with them even if they are expensive.


④ Do not say‘I am going to lose weight this year’ to cheat oneself. Not fit is not fit.


⑤ Out of date clothes can be worn when fashion comes back, but only if there is enough closet store space to store them.


All in all, the clothes that people do not want to see more, defective and out of date can be disposed of.



2. Storage of Different Kinds of Clothes

① Outerwear

The down jacket and other thick coats take up space. It is better to fold them up and put them at the top of the open closet storage and store them in compression bags together with quilts and this kind of large pieces.



The shirt is the most suitable for hanging, otherwise it is easy to wrinkle. And the knitwear is just for stacking up, because hanging easily leads to deformation. T-shirts are suitable for stacking, easy to find and space saving.


③ Trousers

If there is enough space, find a place to hang pants so that the pants can be smoother.


Skirt Suits

Skirt is often worn after the spring, suitable for hanging. It can be slowly chosen. However, if ladies have a lot of skirts, also fold them into squares like T-shirts, although it is a little troublesome.



3. Underwear and Accessories Storage

① Underwear

The easiest way to store underwear is to buy a wardrobe storage organiser and put them by color. Of course, when it is put into underwear drawer organizer, it is better not to fold it but to tile it so as to prevent extrusion deformation.


② Socks

Socks and underwear should not be put in a sorting box, because socks are more or less a bit of flavor. Socks or silk stockings can not be tied or stuffed casually, because they may be knotted. They should be folded in half or rolled up. When silk stockings are stored, put them upright in the closet drawer organizer, with the vortex side upward.


③ Accessories

Commonly used small pieces, such as sunglasses, watches, should be placed flat in the storage box, absolutely clear. Hair ropes, bracelets, rings and other trinkets should be placed in categories to avoid knotting.


4. Shoe Storage

If there is a certain space under the bed, it is absolutely a practical method to put the shoes that can not be worn temporarily under the bed. Wire mesh lattice is also very practical. Buy one and put it on the floor at the door, which can be applied to hang high-heeled shoes (high-heeled shoes only). For the closet shoe storage, vertical shoe storage can be utilized. Standing up the shoes can make full use of the vertical space and save a lot of ground space. If there is enough time, use special shoe boxes to put them up and label them to make wall shoe storage.


10-3-closet shoe storage

As long as the wardrobe is cleaned and tidied regularly, the cabinet can always be kept clean and refreshing, organized.

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