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Ways to Store your Worn (But not dirty) Clothes

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Do you have a pile of laundry somewhere that you can’t seem to get rid of? Perhaps in a chair, on the couch or on a dining room table. It is not because we hate putting away laundry, but there never seems to be enough room for all of those clothes. Right? So we often use some small tools to store our items, such as simple shoe rack, non woven wardrobe, clothes airer, etc. Here are 5 ways to store clothes in order to maximize space.



1. Buy a Clothing Rack

I’m always looking for a good excuse to add another clothing rack to my home and this is a great idea! These garment racks are stylish, functional and best of all, they won’t look out of place. They’ll be perfect for large or heavy items such as robes or hoodies.


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2. Divide Your Storage Closet

The biggest problem about putting already worn clothes back in your storage closet is not wanting them to mingle with clean clothes. Try setting aside a separate area. If you’re worried about smell, you could always give them a quick spritz with white vinegar, or make some hanging scented bags for that area.



3. Make Good Use of Door Hooks

This is a good suggestion as they’re small and don’t take up any additional square footage on your floor. Usually, this style of hooks has 5-10 pegs, which should be enough for you to hang a few days worth of clothes to rotate through.



4. Install Some Wall Hooks

Stash garments on hangers, or drape less fragile clothes right over the hooks like towels. A wall-mounted coat rack can stash a lot of pre-worn garments in a relatively small spot.



5. Rethink Your Bookcase

Instead of filling your bookcases with books, rethink the way you see those shelves. Use the space to store t-shirts, pants, sweaters and other items that work well folded. It’s also a good way to place to keep your jewelry, shoes and accessories. Besides, you won’t have to worry about rummaging around drawers to find your favorite sweatshirt or go-to party necklace, because they will all be easily visible. If you don’t like keeping all of your items exposed, install a rod and hang decorative curtains to cover them up.


In an age where time is money, these simple and practical life skills can not only help you save time, but also keep you organized even in a small space. Someone rightly stated that the first step in reducing the stress of life is to make your house tidy. When your clean and used clothes are in order, you will not only look perfect in every situation, but you can also save a lot of time!


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