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2020 Laundry Room Storage Design Recommendations

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Now more and more families choose to set up a laundry room during renovation, but many people do not know how to design the laundry room reasonably. Sometimes unreasonable design will make the laundry room environment messy and even affect the normal use of the laundry room. So, how to design a laundry room to be practical without wasting space? The following designs can make our laundry room practical and beautiful.



Ensure Ventilation  

Sometimes even with ventilation, the laundry room can become very stuffy and humid. So, we can choose a laundry room design with windows so that the breeze can enter the laundry room and we can also enjoy the scenery outside the window. Generally speaking, there is a dryer in the laundry room, but when the air is dry and there is a breeze, we can choose clothing rack and let the clothes dry naturally, which can save a lot of energy.



Neat Environment  

We will stay in the laundry room for a long time when we wash clothes, so we'd better design the environment of the laundry room more beautifully and pay attention to keeping the laundry room tidy. For example, we can choose to use mint green glass tiles to cover the walls in our laundry room to create a tranquil and cool feeling. And we can install a white storage closet to make the entire laundry room look neater. We can also put a few more woven laundry baskets for storage.



Custom Drying Rack

Although most families now choose dryers, because dryers save time. But as a traditional Chinese, many families are still willing to use clothes drying racks to dry clothes. Some common laundry drying racks are suitable for most ordinary families, but for families with more children, we recommend choosing a custom clothes rack. You can choose a cloth drying rack specifically for baby clothes and small items, and adults’ clothes can be placed on other wall mounted clothes drying rack to dry. If you prefer to do laundry by hand, you can install a sink next to the washing machine and dryer, and then dry the laundry on the cloth drying rack.



Portable Ironing Board

Even in a small laundry room, there will be an unused space next to the stackable washing machine and dryer. Although this space is small, it should not be wasted. We can install a three-layer corner storage shelf. In addition to placing some towels and other items, there is also a retractable shelf hidden under the storage board, which can be pulled out when needed.



Multifunctional Design

If our laundry room has extra space, it can also be used as other functional areas, such as crafting area, office area and leisure area. In this way, we can work while washing clothes and double the work efficiency.



With the improvement of the quality of life, many families now have separate laundry rooms, so the design of the laundry room is still very necessary. Through the above methods, We hope everyone can have a beautiful and practical laundry room.

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