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Our Brand

Neway is young, vibrant and innovative!

We dedicate to home storage new products to bring easy, tidy and warm into every home!

Neway - Innovation

The creative team of Neway has a strong curiosity, creativity and productivity.


We have international vision, professional product research and development capabilities, and follow the cutting-edge technology and design trends. The team successfully developed hardware products representing international high-end quality, and sold them to the global market.


However, we are not satisfied with the business applications we used to be good at. We have bigger ambitions. We hope to apply Neway's products to our family innovatively and create a storage scene for modern families. We continue to develop more high-performance, fashion design, durable and robust household storage products. Steel pipe with plastic spray plating as an example, in order to make the pipe more solid and more advanced in appearance, we use the plastic powder made of anti-theft door level.


Curiosity is a constant source of inspiration for Neway's team of designers.

Considering that people have been working hard for a day outside, the design XLW-714 has specially added wheels, and adjusted the height of the product to adapt to normal human movement, so that people can easily push it forward without bending down at home. In the selection of product color, we also choose the color which is softer and makes people feel relaxed. The kind of product has reduced people's tiredness for a day, fully considering the experience of terminal consumers, and has been welcomed by the market, and has become a hot selling product of Amazon in the current season.


With simple lines and pure colors, Neway's products show the unique beauty of the structure itself and eliminate unnecessary tedious design and interference, which leave a real high-quality living space.


Insight is Neway's attitude, which means feeling, exploring, learning, recognizing and ultimately realizing it.

Neway - Insight

Our team always pursues team insight.


What is insight? Many people think that "insight" means understanding. But the real meaning of insight is not just understanding. This means that it integrates the understanding and analysis of the market, customers and consumers into the design idea.


Insight is also an attitude. It simplifies the design elements, colors and raw materials to a minimum, but at the same time, it requires very high texture and technology.

 XLW-714

Neway - Multifunctional

The space of small house is limited, so it has higher requirements for space storage. The reuse rate of space needs to be strengthened to facilitate storage.

When meeting strict storage and use requirements, it is difficult for every customer to keep the house clean and beautiful.

All elements of Neway’s products are detachable and assembled, which can challenge your creative thinking.


For example XLW-604-7. Generally speaking, there is only one fixed installation method for other shoe racks in the same industry. Whereas we've designed a variety of assembly methods for the XLW-604-7, where a family can use a large shoe rack, or split it into two small ones, so that children can have their own.


By combining Neway products in different ways, they can be turned into shoe cabinets, storage racks or as wardrobes. In home storage, multi-function is what we really pursue.

Neway - Future

 In 2002

We established the Neway’s Department of foreign and international trade.

 In 2008

We established R & D Department.

 In 2009

We set up a dedicated sales team.


The team of Neway is an integrated operation from online and offline.

Neway is willing to make sustained efforts to achieve a simple goal. We work together, and don't give up until meet our requirements, and we also don't accept the normal style.


We pursue innovation because we want to be a unique brand with lasting vitality. We always insist on providing a variety of home experience for consumers, and make our products provide better storage experience for consumers.

  We discover creativity and explore possibilities.
  We remain open and embrace the world.
  We stay independent and express ourselves.
  We are constantly nitpicking to pursue perfect.
  We create fit in with nature and return to nature.

As times goes by, the demands are changing. A unique style of Neway has formed in the design of new products. From XLW-601 to XLW-604, and then to the latest models in 2020, the products have been updated and iterated. But the concept of Neway remains unchanged, that is, bring relaxation, tidiness and warmth to every family. And in the process, what will never change is our original intention -- Our team will always remain fresh and full of exploration vision.

non woven shoe rack

simple shoe rack



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