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Market Research

Step 1

Provide your company name, region and sales channel to Neway.

Step 2

Neway conducts research on the local online market.

Step 3

Adjust the product and sales strategy of corresponding market.

Step 4

Send the information to the customer for confirmation.

Step 5

Make the progress of the relevant order after confirmation.

New Product Recommendation

  • The Definition of

    Not only the totally new design with new mold needs is called new product. All the improved designs based on the present items are also called new products.


    What' s more, regarding one client, all the lovely products which this client haven't worked with our factory yet but in great sales are called new products to him/her.

  • Recommendation Frequency

    Usually, group recommendation should be at least once a week, one or more designs per time.


    To one client, matchable recommendation, the frequency depends. It will be higher for important clients, like 2 or 3 designs per week, or every time there’s new design, we’ll send out as priority.


    Our VIP clients have a priority of new designs. We will share new design with them, even when it’s still an idea or a draft. With that, we can discuss more about the idea, and get feedback with more inspiration to improve the design.

  • Way to Recommend

    Usually in pics with explanations:

    ① Pics: 3D design drawing, scene effect pic, 3D sample pic, real sample pic, short video of product showing and assembly.

    ② Words: the explanations in pics, videos and emails.



    ① Comparison form: the details comparison between similar products, to show each highlights and strengths.

    ② Made-by-ourselves video: we, as hosts, record and make a video to introduce our product and show how to assemble it. This helps our clients better know and understand our products.

    ③ Promotion poster

    ④ Online live show

Order Visualization

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