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Brand Owner

To help each other in win-win situation
  • Establishing and maintaining a brand requires product R&D and design on the basis of adhering to a brand positioning, and at the same time do a good job of quality control. Neway has many years of service brand experience, we provide:

     Seriously understand the business model, business philosophy, brand culture, brand characteristics and market positioning of the brand business customers, and conduct customized development based on a comprehensive and thorough understanding
    ​​​​​​​ Understand market dynamics, provide market and regional analysis, and help customers obtain more development opportunities and local market penetration rate

Good Case

One of our biggest customers from South America is a very big importer and focus on his brand.

For One big project, they will place order around qty 200,000 pcs shoe rack for every year. But last year, we help our clients make sales volume trible, total 850,000pcs sold out for half a year. As the item was very elegant and functional which was designed by ourselves and we have patent in China. 
Almost no complaints for such qty sold out. As there are 3 reason
Reason 1
The plastic fittings are very strong,no matter the structrure or weight of plastic parts as we cost more on mould making at the beginning.
Reason 2
3 tubes each tier enough weight capacity for 5kgs, could hold our shoes freely.
Reason 3
The distance of steel tubes into the plastic hole are very precise which 100% sure shoes will not be fall off. 

  This is the awards we get from our client for the best product in 2019

For big qty, big customers, we need to make everything perfect and devote 100% your energy on it. We need to be honestly the commitment showed, the solutions, the fast response, and everything should be amazing and understand clitens' business and kind of service demand. So our customers would like to increase more and more business with us. 
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