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Advantages of Cooperation

R & D Design
R&D Content
  We have 6% of our revenue for the development and design of new products
  Through research in different markets to determine the differences in different markets and upgrade products
​​​​​​​  The developers have more than 13 years of experience in the home furnishing industry and have a unique acumen for products
  Formulate ODM according to customer needs

  Upgrade products through market research and customer feedback

  Combine OEM and ODM
Market Information
Access to Information
  The marketing team, timely insight into the product situation of the customer's local market
  Professional sales team, provide customers with local market information
​​​​​​​  Continuous product upgrades to meet customer needs in different markets
Develop Strategies
  Help different customers to make plans, such as recommending local e-commerce sales of products to e-commerce customers
  Recommend according to different products and different consumer groups
  Develop different sales strategies according to different usage scenarios
Factory Strength
30000㎡ Manufactory
80% + 20% Products
80% self-produced, 20% purchased externally
23 Blow Mould Machines & 45 Sewing Machines
Two Automatic Painting & Packing Lines

Advantages of Cooperation

  • 01
    Facing Large Supermarket Customers
    High degree of cooperation, design and manufacture products according to customers' market needs, and the products have their own patents to avoid market homogeneity price competition. Spend more money on mold manufacturing. Supermarket customers praised our promises, solutions and quick response
  • 02
    Facing E-commerce Customers
    We pay more attention to every detail, such as packaging, packaging methods, instruction manuals...Of course, quality is always the first.
    1. Professional high-resolution photos and assembly video of each product

     2. Spare parts such as plastic parts, steel pipes or color boxes are put into each container together, which may help our customers can save a lot of time and easily replace defective parts Components. 

    3. Always provide new products and new products that continue to grow and develop to win the market, always be ahead of others, and enable our customers to win easily. 

    4.Best service makes everything perfect and never makes mistakes.
  • 03
    Importers and Retailers
    Since we have a wealth of experience in selling goods on the Internet and can easily handle all problems, we can provide the best solutions for all problems.
    Provide a solution provider to make yourself the most satisfactory company.

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