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E-commerce Clients

 To help from small to a very sucessful within short time.

For sellers who need to be active on the Internet frequently, the supplier’s delivery capabilities, customized renewal capabilities, and quality assurance capabilities have become important links in maintaining store stability. In response to online sellers’ concerns, Neway provides:

  New arrival collocation manual and other marketing services
 Quality inspection guarantee and 24hrs' service

 Customized suggestions and agreement for samples

Good Case

One of an efficient client did online business from Europe who worked with Neway over 3 years. We always provide the best and functional items to him which are hot sales on internet and almost no complaints. We focus on making their brand strong in their market, and pay more attention to every details, such as package, Product label. instruction manual... Absolutely quality is always the no.1. Only three years later, his brand is well-known in his country.We are happy that anyone who want shoe rack, will go for him. And We do believe in that he can create more  No.1 Sales in Amazon in his area!

  We celebrate success of our shoe rack have been No. 1 selling on Amazon.

There are 4 biggest reason why they want to do every business with us
All for Better review: High resolution Photos, Product video with more details, User manual for every item!
We support free spare parts, it helps a lot for online distributors whenever they got some broken parts during transportation.

Keep developing new and great products to beat the market, Always heads up othersand make our clents win easily!

Success is began from Well-organization. Better Scheduled Plan to Make Every works perfect And Quick Responde to all requirements.
Now, this client would replace 4 containers for every month instead of starting for only 500pcs.
We are hapy and glory to get good news from our clients everytime for items selling No.1 and very good.
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