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Neway Story

Grow up Step by Step
 Founder of Neway: Linda ying
Linda entered foreign trade in 2003,and worked for her own family. Over 17 years of experience on business force her to keep service spirit and specialty all the time!

Since 2015, Linda involved in household product business because her good friend who owned a manufacture for plastic shoe racks. He met s terrible sales crisis when he looked for Linda's help in March,2014. She took the challenge and started to work over 16 years every day to fix all problems happened in the production step by step. Her aim is to be the light to the happiness and success of the people's life.  She knows it is super difficult to build Neway's name in people's heart. It doesn't matter how hard we started but just put ourselves into the products. She attended all related exhibitions like Chicago homeware and Ambiente show in Frankfurt and looked for all opportunities there. She failed thousand times but never give up.She always speak to our team: "If people do not accept you now,Just keep moving. Business can be done whenever you are ready!" 
We are so lucky to grow up fast together with our intelligent buyers those years. After 6 years hard working, Our sales volume is over 4 times more than before. One factory is not enough to meet Rocket Demands from our clients. We decided to invest another manufacture and take up 100% sales duty of it when the end of year 2018. Her hand is small,but it is her own. Never stop improving!

Marketing Data

Market is always the best teacher!


In past 5 years,we visited 37 countries and 75 cities, experienced 297 business negotiations and exchanges. Through walking into local shops and stores, especially the face-to-face communication with customers, we understood products and market demands.


Once back to office, our designer team put feedbacks into new designs in no time!


That's the secret why Neway always move quick, innovate and right on target!

 South America: 19%
Europe: 23%
United States: 31%
 North America: 7%
Asia: 10%
Other: 9%

Our Factories

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Neway's Goals

Support our customers to earn more fans and profit!
Make our child-can-easy-assemble products into every home!
17 Years' Experience Home Storage 
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