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4 Kinds of Innovative Kitchen Storage | Optimize Your Space Layout

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For a small kitchen, if there is no space, there is no way to talk about storage. Therefore, it is very important to carefully observe the storage space in the home and try to improve the utilization rate.



1. How to Store in the Kitchen

(1) How to Utilize the Dead Space

The simplest way to improve space utilization is to leave enough space for passageways. As long as the convenience of taking and placing is ensured, the dead space can be safely utilized.


The types of items that can be placed in the dead space can be articles that are not commonly used or larger ones. For example, put some unused items in the dead corner of the kitchen cabinet, such as spare empty bottles and bowls, off-season tableware (such as thermos cups in winter, ice cream molds in summer, etc.).


(2) Remove the Division Plate

For example, the counter under the stove is very large, with a total length of 1.1 meters. But because of a dead corner, the door is only 60 centimeters wide. There used to be a division plate. But one day after the division plate was removed, it was found that the space was extremely open. It not only has good vision, people but also can explore and directly touch the deepest corner. Later, two shelving racks with adjustable spacing were bought, which greatly improved the space utilization rate.


It should be noted that when purchasing resin shelving or custom shelving units, the size should be paid special attention to and it does not fill up all the space. More than half the width of the aisle is used as a passageway. After the partition board is removed, the use is unexpectedly convenient. High items like soymilk machine and rice cooker can also be put into the cabinet.



(3) Cleverness in Trivial Matters

Do not play too much cleverness in trivial matters. Just do it occasionally. For example, if no place can be found to store the slices, a simple small wall shelving unit can be bought and a long storage box can be put on it to store the slices. Although it does not look natural, it is easy to use.


97-3-magnetic spice racks


2. Key Points of Kitchen Storage

(1) Leave EnoughChannels

Leave enough channel space, which is a good way to make full use of the dead corner. It is simple, economical and easy to clean.


(2) Draw the Line

For the wall closet units which are close and easy to collide or stack, it is better to separate and buffer with string or gasket. This is an obviousboundary principlein sorting. When necessary, drawing boundaries between items can also increase the convenience and sense of security.


(3) Storage Equipment

As long as the characteristics of different materials is mastered, it is enough to make full use of these different forms of storage equipment, such as wicker shelving unit, narrow metal shelving unit, cheap metal shelving units, boxes and hanging rods. Many of the original storage equipment will also be eliminated during the process of sorting. As long as people think more, it does not need to spend a lot of money on new storage equipment.


It is a waste if the space does not be made good use of. Therefore, for storage it is necessary to take advantage of the space and reasonably arrange the storage tools, such as small kitchen shelf unit, narrow shelving unit for pantry, etc.

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