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6 Creative Storage Ideas to Solve Your Small-Space Problems

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For many people who live in a small space, they are always complaining there are not enough space to store all those household items. But in fact, there are more hidden storage space available in your house, which you just haven’t been aware of. Extra knick knacks, books, or toys can all be tucked away and out of sight. This article mainly introduces creative storage solutions to solve your small-space problems.


63-1-shoe rack 

1. Shoes Racks Under the Stairs

The unused space under your stairs can become extra storage space with a pull-out shoes rack and pull-out shelving unit. A remodeler can safely create this extra storage for you while maintaining the structural integrity of the stairs. After you move coats, boots, and shoes into this new storage area, you can convert the coat closet into shelved storage.



2. Hanging Shelves in the Cabinet

Adding hanging cabinet shelves allows you to store items more accessibly without stacking. Stacking items in the cupboard means you have to remove the items on top to get to the items on the bottom. These hanging shelves hold the items that would be stacked. So, the items on the bottom are easier to access.



3. Sliding Drawers Under the Sink

If you open the cupboard under the sink, you will probably find any cleaning supplies that you need. However, you will probably have to scan them or dig through them because they are probably all jumbled together. The sliding drawers are easy to organize your cleaning supplies, making them more accessible.



4. Low-Mounted Coat Rack for Entryway Shoe Storage

Once you explain to guests that the low-mounted coat rack in your entry hall is for shoes, not doggie sweaters, they will probably want one. Shoes sometimes need to be removed to avoid tracking up the house. This is an easy way to prevent someone from tripping on these shoes and keeps the entry hall from being cluttered.



5. Gorgeous and Modern Built-In Laundry Storage

Stackable washers and dryers are space savers in small laundry areas. A shelving unit built around the stackable washer and dryer gives you a place for your laundry supplies. To hide your laundry nook, add hinges and a door. If you have small children, add a lock. Then, your children cannot get into the detergent and other cleaning supplies.



6. Organizers Against Cabinets

Sides of cabinets are another source of prime storage real estate. Just think about your kitchen and bathroom – what do you have attached to the sides of your cabinets? Attach a magnetic strip horizontally along your storage cabinet to use as kitchen knife storage, or install wire baskets to hold produce, such as apples, onions, or citrus fruits. The magnetic strip keeps the spices from taking up precious real estate in our drawers or on our counters. You could also install short curtain rods, then loop S-hooks over the rod so you can suspend kitchen utensils, such as spatulas and ladles, against the side of your cabinet.

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