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8 Home school Storage to Improve Children's Learning Efficiency

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Many parents have carefully selected very popular upper and lower bunk designs for their children. The lower bunk can be used as a storage cabinet or as a bed. The moderately inclined wooden ladder ensures the safety and convenience of children getting on and off the bed. The design of wooden bookcases and storage boxes is fresh and natural. The whole bedroom uses wooden furniture made of the same raw materials, which is environmentally friendly and healthy, and is conducive to shaping the environment for children to learn. Many storage tools at home are also suitable for classrooms.


Many storage tools are not only practical but also beautiful. These storage tools can keep desks and classrooms tidy.


96-2-hanging closet organizer

Storage Basket


The baskets come in various styles. If you use storage baskets in the classroom, you can make things look organized. Storage units with baskets are very suitable for storing reading books, readers, plush toys and so on. The teacher prepares the children's favorite books in the basket, which will create a charming reading space in the classroom.


In addition, transparent storage boxes and open storage baskets are also favored by most teachers. The reason for choosing this kind of basket is that it is open and transparent, and a variety of colors are available for easy distinction.


Totes & Bins


I use folding storage cubes to organize textbooks, board games, office supplies, handicrafts, etc., and then put the storage boxes in large shelving units or floor standing shelf units.


Totes & Bins make the small wooden shelf unit and corner unit bookcase look organized, and they can add color and beauty to your area.


Plastic Container


In addition to large-scale materials in the classroom, there will also be many odds and ends, such as various sensory materials, paintbrushes, art materials, linear objects, puzzle toys, etc. This is often the most troublesome part for teachers when storing.


Plastic containers help you store small items such as buttons, paper clips, and beads. Plastic containers can also be used to store brushes, just put them into small bottles and label them according to color and type. One of the advantages of using plastic containers is that you can clearly identify what is stored inside. You can label them and stack them in a white shelving unit or hanging closet organizer to maximize space.


For teachers' office supplies, such as textbooks and teaching aids, they can be placed in the mini shopping cart and storage cube with lid.




Binders can solve the problem of paper confusion. The smaller binder is portable and takes up less space.


Magazine Holders


The magazine rack can categorize books and resources by subject. This is one of the best ways to make your bookcase look very beautiful and organized. The magazine rack can hold magazines, books, spiral notebook binders and even DVDs.


Storage Bags


The transparent easy-pull bag with good perspective is the best destination for small pieces. You can find what you want at a glance, which is more efficient and faster. These storage bags can be hung on the seat very conveniently.


Large Capacity Hangable Storage Bucket


The storage bucket can be used to hold sets of beach toys. Hanging the storage bucket on the wall is a good pendant in itself. In addition, it is very convenient to store outdoor ball toys.


It can also be used to store plush toys. The cute animals make their homes in the bucket, waiting for the children to visit, making the classroom full of childishness instantly.




We only need to use a set of 10 cube storage with drawers for every three children, and let the three people organize them in the daily order of using them. Slowly, the children will develop a good habit of division and cooperation.


In summary, it is not difficult to improve children's learning efficiency as long as the 8 storage items are reasonably used.


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