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8 Storage Suggestions for Student Dormitories

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For students, the dormitory is their another home. Only by keeping the dormitory clean and tidy can they live more comfortable. This article mainly introduces the dormitory storage solutions for students.


Student Dormitories


1. Computer Desk on Bed

This is a lucky item for students who do not have a separate computer desk. It is very convenient to play on the computer and read books, and it can also store books and small items, making full use of the bed space.



2. Bedside Storage Basket

There is such a storage basket which can be hung by the bed,  you can put the books, water cups, toilet paper, etc. in the bedside storage basket. Is it very convenient?



3. Vacuum Compression Bag

In many dormitories without heating, students will prepare two quilts in winter, but when the weather picks up, the huge quilt on the bed will take up a lot of space. Putting the quilt and thick winter clothes in a compression bag not only saves space, but also prevents mildew and moisture, which is very practical. The two asymmetrical sealing zippers have tighter sealing, which can effectively prevent air leakage, and can prevent dust and moisture to keep the quilt and clothing clean and fresh.



4. Bedside Clothes Hangers

Many friends have the habit of stacking clothes on the bed in the bedroom, which makes the bedroom look very messy and affects the beauty of the bedroom. Don’t worry, just buying a bedside clothes hanger, which can help everyone organize things better and create a clean and tidy living environment.



5. Removable Shoe Rack

Each of us has no less than 5 pairs of shoes, such as bathroom shoes, indoor shoes, sports shoes, sandals, boots, etc. The shoes are all stacked on the ground and take up space. Prepare a removable shoe rack to better store shoes. This shoe rack can also be pushed into the bottom of the desk without taking up space.



6. Storage Cabinet

The storage cabinet is the only storage space. If you want to increase the storage space, you must make the space three-dimensional. Choose a drawer-type storage cabinet and put a label on it to remind yourself to find something better.



7. Nail-free Clothes Hooks

Install one or two rows of nail-free clothes hooks on the inside of the wardrobe door to allow a separate storage space for small bags and hats, so that every inch of the wardrobe closet can be effectively used. In addition, you can also install it on the bedside to hang sweaters and changed clothes. it is also a good way to install it on the balcony wall to hang umbrellas.



8. Under-board Hanging Basket

It is also a good choice to install an under-board hanging basket under the table to place the computer for easy access and storage. It not only keeps the desktop tidy, but also allows the computer to be stored in a safer place.

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