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Creative Solutions for Classroom Storage in 2020

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Children of preschool age are mainly aware and familiar with language and action. The classroom layout is relatively simple, but the main emphasis is on color matching, because children of this age are extremely sensitive to colors, and their inner feelings will also be expressed through their color preferences.


In fact, classroom seats are not limited to chairs on desks. Many teachers like tables or other flexible seating arrangements.


What storage tools and storage skills are there in the classroom?


Under-Chair Baskets


Students can use drawstrings to fix plastic shopping trolley baskets or wire laundry baskets on the bottom of the chair or on the legs of the chair, so that students can store items separately. If there is enough space under the chair, placing a non-woven shoe rack is another way.


Numbered Bookshelves


In general, the bookshelves in the classroom have a multi-standard frame structure, and different books can be placed in each space. You can choose 3 tier wooden shelf unit, vintage wall shelving unit and foldable shelving unit according to the layout of the classroom. If you put all the books in one place, it is best to add colorful library shelf markers so that they are easy to find.


95-3-wooden shelving units

Storage Crate Seats


In addition to buying regular seats, many students are very interested in DIY seats. The simplest operation is to add a soft cushion to turn the plastic milk box into a storage box for students. If you plan to make a durable seat, you must prepare metal shelving units or wooden shelving units in advance, and then cut and assemble them.


Arrange A Special Storage Table


Wall mounted shelving units can be placed on the wall above the desk, foldable laundry baskets or fabric storage cubes can be placed on the desk, Lego blocks, sandboxes, situational toys, etc. can be placed in these baskets or boxes, and storage boxes containing other materials can be placed under the desk. . This table immediately gives your classroom a small treasure trove.


For the art area, there are all kinds of brushes and erasers. The painting tools are put into small bottles according to the color and type, and labeled.


The brush can be stored like this. Prepare some round small buckets and classify them according to different colors or types, and let the children put them in corresponding places after they are used up. 


In addition, hanging the storage basket is also a good way to make full use of the vertical space. It can also be used in conjunction with hooks, etc., to hang on the wall to create a handcrafted feel.


The round desk is large enough for children to put all kinds of crayons and drawing boards on it. Children's trolleys can facilitate them to carry toys. This kind of classroom that creating a combination of work and rest is also very popular.


For children with overly active and active personality, the use of darker tones in the classroom can reduce visual stimulation and achieve the effect of concentration. The addition of an easel can allow children to relax their mind and body when they are exhausted from studying and reduce their rejection of learning.


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