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Essential Items for Home Office Storage

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When working at home, the first thing that comes to mind is to have an independent, spacious and elegant study area. But in the face of high housing prices, it is obviously a little extravagant for many small-sized or two-child families to own a separate study room. But if you want to open up a comfortable office area, you can do it easily with only 1 of space.


Small Items Stored in The Study


The file rack is used to store frequently used documents and materials to facilitate access to documents. Household wooden clothes airer and wall mounted clothes airer can be used to folder files.


The small desk lamp necessary for work on the desk and the computer desk can ensure the lighting needs of the writing and reading work area.


Since there are more small and trivial items, transparent and scientific storage is needed. The cube storage unit with box and storage tube can make the countertop look much neater. A storage cube with lid should put all the materials in front of the children in different categories, so that everyone can use multiple materials at the same time.


Post-it notes can write down things you want to do, phone numbers, etc., to remind yourself of things that are easy to forget.


Put the frequently used pens in the pen holder, and then hang them on the pen holder so that they won't be placed on the desk.


Small computer objects such as mouse pad, data cable, keyboard dust film, splitter, mini fan, notebook cooler, etc., are best placed in fabric storage cubes or canvas storage cubes.


The study desk or workbench is not big, but there are a lot of odds and ends, and orderly storage can ensure the effective completion of the work. Lattice storage boxes, storage tubes and plastic cube storage can store things on the desktop in an orderly manner.

94-2-free standing wooden shelves


Many items such as brushes, ink and color tools are piled up on the desk indiscriminately and take up space. In addition to regular pen holders, fresh ceramic jars are used for storage, which is practical and beautiful.


If there is no space for more things in the small desk space, it is best to place a corner storage shelf in the corner. Ladder bookcases & standing shelves generally take up a larger space and are not suitable for small apartment spaces.


The home study is a place to concentrate on learning and creation, but it does not mean that it needs to be plain and boring. The open wall cabinet is a place to store the owner's accessories and books.


There is no independent study room, just add a simple computer desk to the space vacated in the living room to create a working room. The built-in storage cabinet has a strong storage capacity, no matter whether it is a large stereo or a small book, it has a place to stay. It can also be a display cabinet for home accessories, which is very convenient.


The wall can also be used to create storage areas for books or office supplies with the help of perforated boards and shelves, so no space is wasted.

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