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Home DIY | How to Customize Your Wardrobe Space

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Custom closet storage is a kind of personal furniture that consumers design according to their own requirements and enterprises make according to the design requirements of consumers. So how to customize a build in wardrobe storage and customize ones own space?


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1. Wardrobe Customization Process - Pay Attention to the Two Stages of Measurement and Confirming

The customization process can be divided into four stages, measurement, drawing, confirming, installation and acceptance. Special attention should be paid to the measurement stage and the confirming stage. Generally, when customers go to the store for customization, the merchant will guide them step by step to complete the whole customization process. If there are old people and children in the family, their usage habits should be seriously considered and their opinions should be listened to.



2. Features of Customized Wardrobe - Maximize Space Utilization

The customized wall hanging closet is more flexible than the general finished wardrobe combination. Different accessories can be selected according to ones own requirements and the overall style of the wardrobe, such as three-dimensional drawer, fitting mirror, wood closet shelving, pants rack, hamper with lid, etc. Because it is a movable shelf, the position can be adjusted freely at any time.


Maximizing space utilization is the biggest feature of custom wardrobe. For example, custom wardrobe usually runs from the floor to the top, making full use of the vertical space. For example, where there are columns or beams, the custom-made wardrobe will be made shallow to achieve seamless effect, hiding some unwanted damaged lines to achieve the effect of beauty and space saving. The space in the corner can also be fully utilized by the customized wardrobe.



3. Board Selection - Select the Board according to the Purpose

There are three kinds of boards commonly applied in customized modular closets, large core board, particleboard and MDF. Each of them has its own characteristics, and its price and plasticity are different. For example, the laminate of custom bookcase generally chooses the MDF board with strong bearing capacity. When materials are selected, the merchant will give a detailed description, which can be selected on demand.



4. Types of customized wardrobe - Carefully Weigh Beauty and Practicality

There are two main types of custom wardrobe storage, the concealed door type and the open type. The closet with concealed door is generally independent, which can be divided into integral type and split type. The integral one door to top design is more beautiful, while the split type is more practical. The open wardrobe system is generally suitable for cloakrooms, and it is suitable for people with rich indoor space and many clothes.



5. Home Decoration Style Collocation - Design and Colour and Door Style Determine Style

The style of custom wardrobe is mainly reflected in the selection of design and colour and the style of cabinet door. For example, fashionable young people can select a white surf shutter wardrobe to match the pure white and simple style. If it is for children, flat wardrobe with large pattern can be tried, simple and lively. In addition, it also includes dermatoglyphic, cross grain, solid wood veneer, etc.


There are also various styles of sample rooms, including Mediterranean style, Southeast Asian style, European classical style, Chinese classical style and so on. In addition, professional customized wardrobe brands will have a series of other products, such as bookcase, bed and bedside table, to match the customized closet storage units so as to achieve a more unified and professional home decoration style.



6. Selection of Custom Wardrobe - Environmental Protection Is the First Consideration and the Certification Certificate Should Be Accurate

When modern people buy furniture, the primary consideration is environmental protection. Generally speaking, there is no way to guarantee the environmental protection of the clothes cupboard made by carpenters, and the quality of the wardrobe is not easy to be controlled. It is better to select the brand with higher consumer satisfaction and market awareness. It can be judged according to whether the business has professional safety certification certificate, such as the ten ring certification of China's environmental protection highest certification.


It is a pleasure to have a unique wardrobe of ones own. The premise is to understand some elements and characteristics of customization.

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