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How To Create Your Personal Space?

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If your life seems hectic and out of control, why not create a private retreat where you can go to unwind, read, and take sanctuary from outside intrusions? Without adding on to your house, you'll be able to find a special spot that is yours alone. You'll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to escape without going anywhere.


A private space doesn't have to be large, but it does have to be furnished with your favorite things. If you long for a spot to curl up with a book, you must have a good reading light, a comfortable chair, and footstool, a lush comforter or throw, and a place to set a chilly lemonade or cozy cup of tea. If your everyday dream is to lounge in a warm and foamy tub, put dimmers on the light fixtures in your bathroom, light loads of candles, and have music at hand.


Each individual has his or her own thoughts on what a private space should be. Read on to find just the right idea for you to create your own sanctuary.


19-2-corner shelf units 

1. Create a Partition

A lot of privacy goes out the prewar window when you’re sharing a small apartment with roommates, but even if you sleep in the same room you can still create boundaries. There are many ways to physically separate living areas that don’t require a construction permit.


Curtains, screens, bookshelves and storage closets can provide personal space without taking up much of their own. Tall wooden shoe cabinets and standing mirrors can also create the illusion of separation. Room dividers don’t have to be solid. Although your own private area may extend only a foot beyond your bed, the effect is OK.



2. Furnish Your Room

One of the simple pleasures of living alone is expressing yourself in your decoration. With roommates, furnishing and decorating require more compromise, but you can still lay claim to certain areas of the apartment to make it more you.


Whether it’s the door of your refrigerator or the walls of your decluttered bathroom, decorating an area provides a sense of personal space. Talk with your roommates to coordinate colors and style choices, and divvy up the apartment.


Just make sure everyone is on board. Personal space should never come at the cost of communal peace.



3. Put Your Non-essentials in Storage

If only half (or a third, or a quarter) of an apartment is your space, and a lot of that is shared, try to limit your possessions to the essentials. Send out-of-season clothes, shoes, accessories and furniture to the storage cabinets, and pack old photographs or books along with them. In order to better store your non-essentials, you can prepare some non woven wardrobes, corner shelf units, cube storage organizers, etc.


By paring down your belongings, you’ll have more room for your personal use. You’ll also create a more spacious and decluttered home, which is essential to living happily with other people in a small space.



4. Invest in a Loft Bed

If you and your roommate(s) share a small apartment with high ceilings, it might be time for you to invest in a loft bed. These beds save space by creating space. Space in which you can put a desk or container store closet beneath your bed while enjoying an elevated view that’s all your own.


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